Microsoft Research India Podcast

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The Microsoft Research India podcast brings to you conversations with some of the world’s leading experts whose research is impacting technology and society across the world.

Eric Horvitz, Director of Microsoft Research Labs, looks onEpisode 1: Potential and pitfalls of AI with Dr Eric Horvitz

Dr Eric Horvitz is a technical fellow at Microsoft, and is director of Microsoft Research Labs, including research centers in Redmond, Washington, Cambridge, Massachusetts, New York, New York in the US; Montreal, Canada; Cambridge, UK; and Bengaluru, India.

He is one of the world’s leaders in AI, and a thought leader in the use of AI in the complexity of the real world.

In this episode, we talk to Dr Horvitz about a wide range of topics, including his thought leadership in AI, his study of AI and its influence on society, the potential and pitfalls of AI, and how useful AI can be in a country like India.

Vivek SeshadriEpisode 2: Enabling rural communities to participate in crowdsourcing with Dr Vivek Seshadri

Dr Vivek Seshadri is a researcher at Microsoft Research India. A graduate of IIT Madras and a PhD holder from Carnegie Mellon University, his work primarily involves problems that directly impact people, particularly in developing economies like India.

In this podcast, we talk to Dr Seshadri about diverse topics, including his motivation to focus on research that can help underserved communities, and in particular, Project Karya, a new platform to provide digital work to rural communities.

While crowdsourcing platforms and the gig economy have been around for a while, they are not accessible to rural communities. Through Project Karya, Dr Seshadri is working to democratize access to crowdsourcing.

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