5 ways SMS Organizer will make your train journey more convenient

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One of the biggest pet peeves during train journeys is spotty internet connectivity. The mighty smartphone in your palm often feels useless as your train passes through the middle of nowhere. What if we told you that the humble SMS, which we now remember only for OTP messages, can change the way you travel?

With SMS Organizer, our intent has always been to bring users unimaginable experiences with the trove of information stored in text messages. Using on-device machine learning models to ensure privacy of your data, we surface actionable insights that make you more productive or even save some money. And now, SMS Organizer can even make your train journeys hassle free right from the time you book your ticket to when you reach your destination. Read on to find out how.

Smart reminders

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As soon as you book your ticket and get the confirmation text message, SMS Organizer automatically picks up details of your travel like your train number, date of travel, point of boarding and destination, PNR number, reservation status, and seat details to create a reminder action card that can be easily accessed from the reminders tab. This way, you won’t have to search for your travel details.

Track your PNR status

A mobile Screenshot showing the updated PNR Status

In case your PNR status is not confirmed, SMS Organizer will remind you to check your status starting two days before the date of journey and also provides a single click option to check the status. Once you approve, SMS Organizer will send a text message on your behalf to get the latest update.

Track your train even when you are offline

A mobile Screenshot showing the train status

On the day of your journey, you can access live status of your train from the same card to know whether it is running on time or not. Once you board the train, just select the “I’m onboard” option to track your location in real-time as well as status of when your train will reach stations on the route. If you give GPS access to SMS Organizer, it can track and display the status even if you are offline. What’s more, if someone’s coming to meet you at a station on the way or pick you up at your destination, you can share this card with them to help them time their arrival.

Get coach services

A mobile Screenshot displaying the On-coach services

The railways now enable passengers to raise complaints to fix services in their coach during the journey. With SMS Organizer, you can raise complaints like coach cleaning, malfunctioning AC, absence of linen, lack of water, toilet cleaning and more at the click of a button. SMS Organizer will send a text message on your behalf with your PNR details along with the relevant code, so you don’t have to figure out anything.

Book food in advance  

Want to book food for your journey, let SMS Organizer do that for you. With the book food button, SMS Organizer automatically picks up all the options at stations on your journey route and shows them in an easy to choose interface.

Apart from organizing your train journey, SMS Organizer can also organize the SMS inbox of your Android smartphone to surface offers; create a passbook of all your bank accounts and mobile wallets; remind you of upcoming bookings like restaurant reservations, movies, flight or bus tickets, doctor appointments, bill payments, and much more. SMS Organizer’s secret sauce lies in its on-device advanced machine learning models that works on your smartphone even if you are offline and doesn’t share any data with anyone else to protect your privacy.

SMS Organizer is currently available only in India. You can download SMS Organizer for your Android smartphone from the Play Store.

Photo Credit: Mayur Kakade via Getty Images

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