Microsoft Partner Awards 2019: Technology is simply better with partners

 |   Dashika Gnaneswaran, Communications Lead, Microsoft Malaysia

Partner Awards

Microsoft has had a footprint on global technological development for decades, empowering people and organizations around the world to achieve more using the latest technology available. But with 100,000 employees and over 7 billion people on the planet, there is certainly a challenge in making sure that we can provide the best technological solutions to everyone around the world.

This is where our partners come. When it comes to digitally transforming nations and continents, there is nothing more valuable than having partners to work with, to boost innovation and create even more technological opportunities. With 17 million partners worldwide, we strive to make small businesses more productive, multinationals more competitive, governments more efficient, and improve healthcare and education outcomes. Collectively, we have the opportunity to impact the 7 billion people on the planet through the power of technology.

By working together, humanity has been able to achieve truly historical feats – and this is just as true when it comes to technology.

Microsoft in Malaysia

With a footprint in the nation spanning over 25 years, Microsoft remains committed to developing the Malaysian tech industry.

One way of achieving this is by continuously expanding Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, to diversify offerings and provide a more local touch to the company’s offerings.

“Malaysia is currently bracing itself for the 4th Industrial Revolution, with organizations across the nation mapping out their digital transformation strategies,” said Yeo Swee Key, Director Commercial Partners & SMC, Microsoft Malaysia. “With technological solutions becoming increasingly complex and innovative, having the right digital transformation partner is crucial in ensuring future success. As such, the Microsoft Partner Network is a shining beacon of hope for a better, brighter future – not just in terms of business success, but also for the growth and development of our nation as a whole.”

In recognition of these amazing partners, Microsoft held the 2019 Malaysia Partner Awards to celebrate their continued partnership and contribution to the tech industry in Malaysia. The following are the stories of some of the partners in Malaysia and what the Microsoft partner ecosystem means to them.

rhipe Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

  • Cloud Channel Development Partner of the Year
  • Country Partner of the YearA group of people posing for a photo at the Microsoft Partner Awards 2019

As a Cloud-first, Channel-first company, rhipe masterfully leverages Microsoft Azure and a variety of Microsoft tools and services to bring new and innovative cloud products to organizations across a multitude of sectors and geographies.

When asked about what makes rhipe stand out from the crowd, Mr. Gooi-Lee Tan, Country Sales Manager for rhipe Malaysia said “Our partner-centric approach. rhipe Malaysia continues to focus on what it can do for its partners. From onboarding, to enablement and business planning, we strive to dive deeper and deeper into what matters most for our partners.”

Citing its partnership with Microsoft is the company’s main strength, rhipe is the 8th managed global partner to Microsoft. As such, the business’ objectives are highly aligned to those of Microsoft, with rhipe’s team working closely with Microsoft and their customers all over the world.

“It is in our company DNA to align our KPI’s to Microsoft. Malaysia is a shining example of this partnership, with our close relationship with the local team, aligned strategies and constant coverage.”

Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd

  • Learning Partner of the Yearthree men posing for a photo, the one in the middle is holding a plaque

Established in 1994, Iverson has helped hundreds of companies to upgrade the IT skills of their employees to maximize their return on investment and gain competitive advantage, turning the company into one of the leading professional training company in Malaysia.

With a 25-year footprint in the professional training industry and dozens of awards in the bag, Iverson is one of the shining stars in Microsoft’s partner ecosystem when it comes to education, nabbing the Learning Partner of the Year award in the 2019 Microsoft Malaysia Partner Awards.

“Today, many of our customers are undergoing digital transformation and moving their systems to the cloud – but these efforts are often constrained by the shortage of skilled personnel,” said Dr. Chee Sing, Yap Managing Director of Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd. “As a partner of Microsoft, Iverson is given the opportunity to work closely with Microsoft and its partners to provide the latest Microsoft technologies to our customers.”

“The access to Microsoft’s internal capabilities and rich resources enable our trainers to acquire the latest information and know-how to better serve our customers.”

Enfrasys Consulting Sdn Bhd

  • System Integrator Partner of the Year
  • Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Yeara group of three men posing, the one in the middle is holding his winning medal

Established in 2010, Enfrasys Consulting is a solution integrator that owns and operates in Malaysia and Singapore, offering a range of solutions for cloud services, data center management, device management as well as cybersecurity.

Enfrasys is among the most competent system integrator partner for Microsoft in Malaysia, winning the System Integrator Partner of the Year and Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year awards thanks to their deep understanding of the inherent strengths of Microsoft solutions to provide unique solutions for customers.

When talking about what matters most to the business, “Our vision at Enfrasys is to encourage the adoption and leveraging of key international standard technologies and to do so innovatively,” said Beh Chor How, Chief Executive Officer of Enfrasys Consulting. “We approach all our challenges by applying a Cloud-first strategy, whilst aiming for high-quality customer-centric service.”

The partnership between Microsoft and Enfrasys brings a strong build-together, market-together and sell-together solutions. It is this strong sense of togetherness that helps us drive our business forward whilst instilling trust in our brand among our customers.

SoftwareONE Experts Sdn Bhd

  • Cloud Growth Partner of the Year
  • Modern Workplace Partner of the Year
  • IP Co-Sell Partner of the Yeara group of people standing together for a prize winning moment

As a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, SoftwareONE provides around 65,000 business customers with software and cloud solutions from over 90 different countries. headquartered in Switzerland.

“As software is in our DNA, we know how businesses are wired,” said Ms. Bridget Ye, Managing Director of Software One Experts Sdn Bhd. “Our deep expertise in software allows us to drive the digital transformation for our customers and enables us to be at the forefront of innovative cloud and technology solutions and services.”

From designing and implementing a company’s technology strategy, to managing and optimizing their software estate, SoftwareONE’s primary aim is to empower companies to transform through digitization.

“We have taken our partnership with Microsoft to a new level of jointly providing Microsoft technologies together with SoftwareONE’s own IP and services for the benefit of our common customers.”

Agile Dynamics Solutions Sdn Bhd

  • Business Applications Partner of the YearTwo men taking a photo with a winner

With the largest Microsoft Dynamics products range and customer base in Malaysia and decades of experience, Agile Dynamics knows what matters most to businesses in an increasingly digitized world. Engaging both the digital and concrete aspects of business, Agile Dynamics has developed a flawless understanding of the applications of Microsoft Dynamics in local businesses.

“We always aim to deliver enterprise resource planning solutions that are based on cutting edge technologies developed by Microsoft, meaning our customers are always adopting new technologies in their business solutions,” said Mr. Chong Joo, Oon, Chief Executive Officer of Agile Dynamics Solutions Sdn Bhd.

“In an era where trust is everything for a company, our partnership with Microsoft brings about high level of trust and confidence to our customers and the market at large. 

Web Bytes Sdn Bhd

  • ISV Partner of the Yeartwo men gathering up for a photo with the winner

A company dedicated to innovating and creating the most dynamic and feature-rich retail solution for its customers, Web Bytes started its journey in 2007 with a small project that quickly became a passion to reinvent how retail software works today.

With “Simplifying Growth” as a company tagline, Web Bytes developed Xilnex, a Cloud-based solution that is designed to be simple yet comprehensive and highly scalable for retail stores to leverage, allowing their customers to remain competitive in an ever-changing retail industry.

“With Xilnex, we want to empower our customers with our comprehensive and innovative offerings starting from the end customers up until a business’ management team,” said Mr. Boon Sheng, Ooi, Chief Executive Officer of Web Bytes Sdn Bhd. “We have been a long-time partner of Microsoft, which has allowed us to work with Microsoft’s ecosystem of customers and partners, enabling us to grow both in terms of knowledge and presence.”

 “Our partnership with Microsoft is not just about market access. It is about how we can learn and share from each other’s resources and knowledge, to grow . That’s what truly matters to us and our customers.”

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