Microsoft Partner Awards 2021 Celebrates Togetherness in Unlocking New Possibilities for Malaysia’s Inclusive Digital Economy

 |   Microsoft Malaysia

With a footprint in the nation for almost 30 years, Microsoft is committed to empower communities and organizations to achieve more and experience the benefits of technology together. In order to expand outreach and engage more effectively with customers, Microsoft works together with more than 17 million partners from a wide range of industries across the globe to diversify digital solutions and provide a more local touch based on the markets it serves.

On the local front, the Microsoft Partner Network spans over 2,000 organizations who were equally crucial to support its commitment to empower Malaysia’s inclusive digital economy, and this is a feat that the Company would not have been able to achieve alone.

“We started operations in Malaysia in 1992 and have since remained committed to continue advancing the nation’s digital development. As more organizations start to recognize the power of technology, it is important for us to work with the right partners to help Malaysian businesses and communities get the most out of their digital transformation journey. Working with outstanding partners who share the same purpose as us is an exciting experience and we are confident that by strengthening our partner ecosystem, we will be able to unlock even more possibilities together in the near future,” said K Raman, Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia.

In recognition of its partners, Microsoft Malaysia organized the 2021 Partner Awards to celebrate the good work and continued partnerships for the development of technology in Malaysia. During the evening, awards were presented to partners based on their dedicated use of Microsoft technologies to provide solutions for their customers’ needs.

Here are the stories of some partners and what the Microsoft Partner Network means to them:

AR Edutech (M) Sdn. Bhd – Surface Partner of the Year

As an authorized reseller of Microsoft Surface, AR Edutech is dedicated to nurture a space for consumers to stay focused while in touch, so working remotely does not feel remote.

“Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector has seen a rapid shift from the traditional classroom learning environment to the virtual learning environment. Thanks to numerous collaborations between the public and private sector, progress has been made in delivering a collaborative learning platform to schools across the nation. As more students and educators familiarize themselves with technology, we believe that having the right device equipped in educational institutions can further elevate the nation’s education system and create a more holistic learning environment for all Malaysians.” – Abd Rahman Bin Ali Bashah, Director

Aware Group – Azure Partner of the Year

In less than six years since it was established, Aware Group now has offices in three countries and caters its services to a diversified range of customers from agriculture to defense. The team is committed to constantly deliver value for their customers through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

“As more businesses set their sights on newer technologies such as cloud and AI, the need for innovation is critical to ensure long term growth and success. As a company that believes in delivering sustainable solutions to all its customers, we are proud to partner with Microsoft and to build our solutions on the Azure platform. Being awarded Azure Partner of the Year is a wonderful acknowledgement of the great work being done by our team and we hope to continue the momentum in 2022 and beyond.” – Jourdan Templeton, Chief Technology Officer

Crayon Software Experts Malaysia Sdn Bhd – Transformational Partner of the Year

Combining technology with human potential to drive the greater good, Crayon is a global, customer-first and vendor-agnostic IT consultancy.

“While digital transformation is key in this day and age, cost is a concern for many businesses looking to transform. Providing strategic advice through assessments and governance is vital as that will lead companies towards the most optimal and cost-effective transformation journey suited for their business. We believe that with the right tools and guidance, technology has the power to drive business excellence and bring good to not only those working within the organization, but to surrounding communities and the economy as a whole.” – Harith Ramotheram, CEO of Crayon Malaysia and Indonesia

Enfrasys Consulting Sdn Bhd – Tech Intensity Partner of the Year

While information technology plays a huge role in Enfrasys, the consulting company also prioritizes the needs of each business and their people to truly cater the best solutions for customers.

“At Enfrasys, we are passionate about helping our customers build efficient operations through the use of cloud solutions and services. Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft brings us closer to this goal and is in line with our mission to establish ourselves as a “People Centric” and “Technology Driven” company focused on delivering best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions to our customers.” – Beh Chor How, Group Chief Executive Officer

Hitachi Solutions – Business Applications Partner of the Year

By collaborating with one another based on years of experience, Hitachi Solutions is able to build a consistent and high-quality experience that accelerates digital evolution for customers.

“As businesses continue to transform, automation will continue to be an important driver for growth in numerous industries across the globe. Our strategic alliance with Microsoft was intended to meet this rising demand and integrate industry leading solutions from both Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft, especially in the areas of manufacturing and logistics. This award is a great recognition of our strong partnership, one we hope will continue to grow in the future.” – Kazunori Miyabayashi, President of Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific

OpenLearning – ISV Partner of the Year

OpenLearning is a scalable online learning platform. The business pioneered a new wave of education delivery, enabling educators and institutions to prepare their learners for the future of work.

“At OpenLearning, we exist to help increase access to high quality education. We do this by providing an education platform technology to any type of educator or trainer to design, deliver and sell online courses. The platform focuses on enabling the educator to build truly social and active experiences that improve learner outcomes whilst reducing delivery costs and increasing engagement. Receiving this award reminds us of what our mission is, and that we are not alone in our endeavors as we work towards a better future.” – Sarveen Kandiah, Managing Director, SEA

Pentech Solution Sdn Bhd – SMB Partner of the Year

With a mission to provide only the most effective IT solutions for customers, Pentech is all about practicing open communication to deliver trusted solutions. From infrastructure to networking, and data protection to cloud transformation, Pentech provides custom-built solutions, catered to the specific needs of clients.

“At Pentech, we provide reliable and high value IT solutions to our clients including government entities and corporations. Our role as a solutions provider is to empower our clients with top-notch technological breakthroughs. We are humbled to be named Microsoft’s SMB Partner of the Year as this award not only signifies an understanding of the work we do but is also a milestone as we strengthen our partner ecosystem and remain committed towards delivering value for our customers.” – Darren Lim, Chief Technology Officer

Softline Solutions International Sdn Bhd – Modern Work and Security Partner of the Year

With a footprint in over 50 countries around the world, Softline provides a variety of digital solutions including cloud services and cybersecurity solutions. To date, they have supported more than 150,000 businesses from both private and public sectors to transform their business into the digital space.

“Rapid digital transformation has taken place over the past few years, with more workplaces embracing new technologies that empower workers to operate and collaborate remotely. We are proud of the work our Softline team is doing in Malaysia, in supporting the growth of businesses across the nation, alongside our partners at Microsoft. As one of the global solutions and services providers for digital transformation and cybersecurity in the market, we are honored to receive this award, and we are excited to see what the future has in store. Thank you to our customers for believing in Softline.” – Low Yeewee, General Manager, Softline Malaysia and Thailand

Software One Experts – Education Partner of the Year

As a leading provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, Software One stands by a core value of being customer focused and ensuring the highest quality of customer experience, from the start of their establishment.

“On the back of our global outreach is a motive to provide only the most holistic and efficient technology solutions for our customers. As the nation accelerates its journey towards digital economy, we hope to continue working closely with various organizations and be a part of their digital transformation strategies. This award is a reflection of our purpose to serve diversified customers and we are humbled to continue building our partnership with Microsoft moving forward.” – Bridget Ye, Country Manager

Tata Consultancy Services – IP Co-Sell Partner of the Year

Founded by the objective to combine tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results, Tata Consultancy Services builds on their belief to simplify, strengthen, and transform businesses.

“We have a longstanding partnership with Microsoft. We are aware of the potential of the Microsoft platforms that we ourselves use. Our partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to deliver a diverse set of solutions that include TCS’ own IP as well as solutions from our common partner ecosystem. This has enabled us to impart tangible value to our customers, allowing them to rapidly transform and adapt to the latest technological trends. This award is a testament to our on-going partnership with Microsoft, and the power of eco-system collaboration in driving positive change.” – Jeevan Rajoo, Country Head

Tec D Distribution (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd – Channel Growth Partner of the Year

With a vision to be the link that connects the world with the power of technology, Tec D’s singular focus is on customer needs and goals with the objectivity of a true strategic partner.

“Tec D is proud to be named Channel Growth Partner of the Year, as it rings true with our mission. As the world’s leading end-to-end technology distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem, our primary focus is our customers’ needs and goals. Our aim is to be the strategic partner to our customers, to help them grow via our global reach, capabilities and resources, delivering optimized solutions that enable our channel partners to compete in the market today, tomorrow and into the future.” – Yoon Kam Fei, Vice President & Country General Manager

Trainocate (M) Sdn Bhd – Learning Partner of the Year

Trainocate provides training programs to empower work forces to fully utilize their capabilities through knowledge acquirements. By doing so, not only will work performance improve, but untapped potential within each individual can also be discovered.

“We are humbled to be awarded the Learning Partner of the Year by Microsoft. As an organization, we believe in enriching lives through the power of education and knowledge. As technology continues to evolve, we will continue advocating for lifelong learning alongside our partners at Microsoft, and ensure no person or organization is left behind in the current wave of transformation.” – Ruby Kaur, Country Manager