Windows 11: Brings You Closer to What You Love

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In October last year, Microsoft introduced to users in Malaysia the next generation of Windows: Windows 11. Built to provide a space that feels familiar yet inspires creativity, we want users to be empowered to produce, express, and create through Windows 11, bringing them closer to their passions.

To bring this to life, we spoke to five local personalities from a lifestyle blogger, a graphic designer, a fashion business owner, a gamer, to a student entrepreneur – to share their own unique and original stories in pursing their passions with Windows 11.

Sue Lynn, better known by her handle Bangsar Babe, has been blogging since 2007. As the Creative Director of her own digital marketing agency, both her full-time career and identity on social media require her to always stay on track and up to date with the trends, and that is how Bangsar Babe stood the test of time.

“As a blogger and Creative Director, fresh ideas push me to tell greater stories – stories that I love and that are dear to me. This new sleek UI and features [on Windows 11] allow me to realize my stories clearly and smoothly.”Sue Lynn

Joseph Germani, who was once an aspiring actor, realized his true passion at a young age. His YouTube career kicked off when he got his first video camera and started filming himself for videos that he single-handedly produced. He then expanded his YouTube career by creating content on games and is now known as one of the original gaming YouTubers in Malaysia.

“I’m all about the thrills, suspense, and intensity – something you need to experience, uninterrupted! This new operating system is a major upgrade to my gaming experience and works superbly with my gaming laptop.” Joseph Germani

At only 22 years old, Alis Mariya is a student, entrepreneur, and actress. While her entrepreneurial journey started off as a part of her course requirements, she now considers it as her goal to one day run an established business of her own. She truthfully admits that it’s not easy to juggle between studies, acting, and her business but now with Windows 11, she’s empowered to get that balance she needs.

“When talking about my experience, mine is a bit unique. Juggling between studies and managing a few businesses isn’t an easy task, sometimes an uphill battle. That’s why I need a powerful system that allows me to multitask – jumping from one thing to another!” Alis Mariya

With more than 10 years’ experience in the creative design industry, Iqbal Hakim vividly recalled when his passion for graphic design was first ignited after seeing artwork on comic books, magazines, and album covers. In conversation on how he was able to persist in this field, he shared that setting goals drives him to always give his best but more importantly, to have faith that hard work and patience will be rewarded.

“My love for arts comes from my passion to observe, replicate, and then create something of my own. That requires a system that empowers my process, doesn’t let me down when it matters and allows me to produce my best work.”Iqbal Hakim

Nurul Zulkifli, the co-founder and Creative Director of Mimpi Kita, said that she has always been into fashion but a turning point that led her to turn her passion into a career was when she noticed most local fashion brands at that time did not cater ready-to-wear outfits – so she decided to take a leap of faith, and the rest is history.

“My best work comes from the heart. How? By utilizing effective systems. Having a system that works is crucial, but a system that works for you? That’s where the magic happens. So, an upgrade on my system, is an upgrade on my work and my life.”Nurul Zulkifli

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