Straits Interactive to Advance Responsible AI, Ethics, and Data Privacy in Singapore and the ASEAN Region

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Straits Interactive to Advance Responsible AI, Ethics, and Data Privacy in Singapore and the ASEAN Region

Development of one of the industry’s first AI Data Protection Officer Assistant integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Certification for AI Business Professionals

Singapore, 21 July 2023 – Straits Interactive, a leading provider of privacy and data governance solutions in the region, announced the integration of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and inclusion of Microsoft’s latest product offerings into Straits Data Protection and data governance services.

With artificial intelligence (AI) adoption increasing across Singapore and ASEAN, Straits Interactive, through its work with Microsoft, aims to democratize access to Generative AI for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as they create value while managing ethical, privacy, and security risks.

Straits Interactive has used Generative AI solutions from Microsoft to create the region’s inaugural AI-driven Data Protection Officer (DPO) Assistant, that will contribute significantly to shaping AI ethics and data privacy in the ASEAN region. It is geared towards aiding organizations in governing digital transformation and managing generative AI, and will integrate the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Purview.

Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive, added, ” By integrating Microsoft OpenAI Service, we aim to build AI governance capabilities among professionals and SMEs, ensuring the ethical and privacy-centric application of generative AI.”

As generative AI steadily revolutionizes business productivity, especially with the emergence of Microsoft Copilot solutions for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Security and GitHub, Straits Interactive aims to unveil a new ‘Certified AI Business Professional’ certification course. This credential will be issued by the Data Protection Excellence Centre, the training and research division of Straits Interactive. The initiative, supported by Microsoft through resources and training expertise for Responsible AI, seeks to endow industry professionals with the requisite skills and knowledge to efficiently, ethically, and effectively create value and implement generative AI technologies in their organizations, as they nurture a new generation of AI Business Professionals in their hybrid workforce.

“Straits Interactive’s AI Data Protection Officer Assistant integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI will tap in their dedicated ASEAN data privacy knowledge base. The assistant will enable DPOs to effectively implement and comply with the ever-evolving data privacy regulations across the region.” said Cumarran Kaliyaperumal, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, APAC Sales. “In addition, Microsoft is pleased that Straits Interactive are adopting Microsoft best practices on Responsible AI to spread the responsible adoption of AI in ASEAN through their announced Certified AI Business Professional course.”

AI Data Protection Officer Assistant

The forthcoming AI Data Protection Officer Assistant is a chatbot designed to guide organizations in data governance and is built on by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. It will enable customers to efficiently query industry best practices and procedures, which take into account bespoke company policies, along with associated risks and recommended controls at an operational level.

Additionally, it will leverage generative AI capabilities, aiding organizations in the creation of synthetic data sets that encapsulate a range of operational procedures, potential breach scenarios, assessment questions, and more. This innovative product is scheduled for launch in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Data Governance using Microsoft Purview

Straits Interactive also plans to extend the scope of its privacy consulting practice with Microsoft Purview, a unified data governance solution. Purview assists organizations in discovering, classifying, mapping, and managing data across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments. Straits Interactive will use its expertise in data protection and governance to aid customers in implementing Microsoft Purview and achieving compliance with data privacy laws and upcoming AI regulations and requirements in the region.

Certified AI Business Professional

The Certified AI Business Professional course aims to cultivate new AI competencies among business professionals in the workplace, who now have the ability to generate human-like synthetic content.

The curriculum guides participants on how to conduct proper due diligence on generative AI applications and unlock their maximum potential. The two-day hands-on course also emphasizes responsible usage and alignment with Microsoft’s six principles of responsible AI. Additionally, the course provides guidelines on drafting a robust policy to govern the use of generative AI within their respective organizations.


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