Microsoft launches Singapore Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit

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Microsoft today announced the launch of its Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit for Singapore. Targeted at parents and caregivers in Singapore, the localized Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit provides an overview of common safety risks as well as practical advice to help families game safely.

In a first-in-ASEAN initiative, Microsoft designed a localized toolkit with support from local partners including the Media Literacy Council, Cyberlite Books and SG Her Empowerment (SHE).

“At Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep users safe on our services seriously and are intent on building a safer online ecosystem for our players and community, as it is central to everything that we do,” said Courtney Gregoire, Chief Digital Safety Officer, Microsoft. “As parents and caregivers are increasingly concerned about children’s safety in the digital world, we hope to continue efforts to educate our local community as we create a safer online world together.”

Creating a safer online ecosystem for all

According to Microsoft’s Global Online Safety Survey in 2023, 67% of Singaporean parents are using at least one parental control, compared with 81% of parents internationally. This highlights that there is more work to be done in Singapore to bring these controls to parents’ attention.

The toolkit includes a spotlight on parental and player controls available within the Xbox Family Settings App on mobile, console, and PC platforms. It also emphasizes that parental controls are part of a holistic approach to online safety. These are most effective when used to support existing rules and boundaries that parents and caregivers discuss and agree on with children.

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As a leader in gaming safety, Xbox also takes a range of actions to support safe gaming while ensuring players follow our rules. This includes a twice-yearly release of Transparency Reports which outline what we do behind the scenes to protect our players and moderate content on our platform. The new toolkit for Singapore complements this by providing clear guidance for parents and caregivers on steps they can take to better understand the gaming ecosystem, common safety risks, and the tools and controls available on Xbox.

In August this year, Xbox also announced the launch of the enforcement strike system, which is a clearer way for players to understand how enforcement actions work. The new system attaches strikes to every enforcement, ranging in severity based on inappropriate activity. Each player now has a view of their enforcement history and the overall impact these have on their player record. This revised system gives players a better understanding of enforcement severity and the cumulative effect of multiple enforcement actions.

Designed with input from trusted organizations

To ensure local relevance of the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit, Microsoft sought advice and support from partners in Singapore with expertise in online safety for children. The perspectives from the Media Literacy Council, Cyberlite Books and SHE helped shape instructions that would be easy for parents to follow and provide a balanced view of the benefits and potential risks of gaming. These organizations also contributed helpful safety advice for Singaporeans as part of the toolkit.

“Through collaboration with industry, community, and government, the Media Literacy Council champions digital well-being and recognises the significance of gaming safety. We are confident that the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit will serve as a valuable resource for parents, educators, and caregivers to guide children and youths in enjoying gaming safely and responsibly,” said Lock Wai Han, Media Literacy Council Chairman.

“It’s never too early to start cultivating good online safety habits with our children. Building a strong ecosystem that keeps our young ones safe online requires stakeholders from all sectors to work in partnership, and industry players like Microsoft are key contributors. SHE is pleased to collaborate with Microsoft on its important efforts in this area,” said Simran Toor, CEO, SG Her Empowerment (SHE).

“Recognising the importance of gaming safety is crucial for parents today, as it not only protects children from online risks, but it also helps to enhance gaming experiences. Cyberlite is proud to support the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit as a valuable resource that empowers parents to guide their children towards internet independence, ultimately promoting a safe and respectful gaming community,” said Michelle Yao, Co-Founder of Cyberlite Books.


“Having avid gamers in my family has accelerated my learning of the enjoyment, community and collaboration that takes place in online gaming, but it has also amplified concerns about my boys’ safety in the online gaming world. Using a combination of parental controls as well as intentional conversations with my boys about online safety, I have seen them become more acutely aware about how to spot potential harmful behavior and content,” said Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer & Customer Success Lead, Microsoft Singapore.

“In today’s digital age, the internet offers a vast array of opportunities, but it also presents challenges, such as exposure to inappropriate or harmful content. As a parent, I do not want to deprive my children of the internet but rather empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate our digital world safely and responsibly. Raising awareness of gaming safety is not only crucial for protecting my own children but also for fostering a safer and more responsible online gaming environment for everyone,” said Audrey Leong, Partner Marketing Lead, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Singapore.

Addressing complex safety issues requires multi-stakeholder collaboration. Governments, tech companies, and civil society each bring unique perspectives and insights, resulting in outcomes more impactful than any sector working alone. Microsoft remains committed to continuing to work with others to strengthen safety online for all.

Through its participation at the upcoming Digital for Life (DfL) Festival* organized by Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in October and November, Microsoft hopes to reach more of the local communities through three weekends of activities as it deepens its educational efforts to create a safer gaming ecosystem for all.

*The DfL Festival will be happening across three locations: Kampung Admiralty Community Plaza on 28 and 29 October; Heartbeat@Bedok on 4 and 5 November; and Toa Payoh Hub on 11 and 12 November. Find out more here.

Harvey Norman, a Microsoft retail partner will also run a series of workshops on the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit at their stores to reach parents, caregivers, and children.

To access the Xbox Gaming Safety Toolkit, please visit here.