Prosegur teams up with Microsoft to innovate in customer protection

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  • With this agreement, both companies will carry out initiatives in the areas of digital transformation and co-innovation, with the goal of driving new areas of growth in security and cybersecurity solutions.
  • The project will also focus on promoting cultural transformation and capacity-building around artificial intelligence and technology skills for the security company’s employees.

Prosegur and Microsoft have sealed a long-term alliance with the aim of transforming security and cybersecurity activities through the incorporation of technology and the joint development of new solutions. The agreement will enable Prosegur to position its portfolio of products and services at the technological forefront of the security sector, thanks to the work that both organizations will carry out in the areas of digital transformation and co-innovation.

Acceleration of digital transformation programs

Initially, the alliance between the two entities will focus on accelerating the digital transformation programs in which Prosegur is immersed. Prosegur, which already uses Microsoft collaboration and cybersecurity applications for its thousands of employees, has been working intensively on its transformation program since 2018. In this new phase, Prosegur will add the Microsoft Azure platform and its artificial intelligence capabilities to its current technological architecture.

Prosegur wants to accelerate the automation of processes, increase its connectivity, gain in flexibility, and finally, optimize its operations – always with the maximum guarantees in terms of security, information privacy and regulatory compliance.

Co-innovation and new services

In parallel to the acceleration of the digital transformation programs, the alliance will establish working groups with the aim of enhancing Prosegur’s current products and developing new services.

In this sense, automation and intelligent analysis in the cloud – the different cognitive services based on artificial intelligence – represent a unique opportunity for the launch of innovative security and cybersecurity systems.

These new proposals, which will be combined with Prosegur’s physical surveillance capabilities, represent a strategic transformation in the provision of services to both business and residential customers. In addition, as a result of these innovation initiatives, new intellectual property will be generated on which a totally differential value proposition will be built.

Cipher, Prosegur’s cybersecurity unit, will be configured as a reference institution in corporate governance, risk and regulatory compliance issues, at a time when the protection of user data and regulatory compliance aspects have gained enormous relevance.

Prosegur Security, the surveillance and technology unit of Prosegur, currently delivers physical security services to Microsoft, and both parties intend to deepen the collaboration on this area.

Training as the backbone of transformation

Finally, the project includes focused work in the area of training and cultural transformation. To this end, in addition to the training programs already being implemented by Prosegur, new initiatives will be developed to promote technological skills and knowledge of artificial intelligence among the security company’s workforce.

«Prosegur’s leadership in security activities such as cash in transit, alarms, outsourcing services and cybersecurity, together with the innovation capacity of a partner like Microsoft, are two essential elements on which to continue building the continuous improvement of processes and in the generation of new products and services for our customers,” says Javier Cabrerizo, COO of Prosegur. “This combination will undoubtedly provide us with the necessary adaptability to continue innovating successfully in highly dynamic and increasingly competitive environments».

“We are thrilled with the partnership, and we are looking forward to years of collaboration across our companies,” says Cindy Rose, President of Microsoft Western Europe. “We are excited about the opportunity to help reimagine the security industry through our Microsoft Cloud and our Azure marketplace. This will allow Prosegur to engage with its customers in new ways, and ultimately to support Prosegur’s growth ambitions.”

About Prosegur

Prosegur is a global benchmark in the private security sector. Through its business lines, Prosegur Security, Prosegur Cash, Prosegur Alarms, Prosegur AVOS and Cipher, it provides companies and homes with reliable security based on the most advanced solutions on the market. With a global presence, Prosegur had a turnover of 3,463 million euros in 2020, is listed on the Spanish stock exchanges under the PSG indicator and currently has a team of more than 150,000 employees.

The company channels its solidarity action through the Prosegur Foundation, which works in four areas of action: education, labor inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, corporate volunteering and promotion of culture. In addition, the company articulates its social commitment by working on ten of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in which it believes it can have a positive impact.

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