Mitiga Solutions and Microsoft expand collaboration to mitigate the effects of natural disasters caused by climate change

  • Mitiga joined the Microsoft for Startup program in 2020, migrating its high-performance computing (HPC) architecture to Azure. Two years later, Mitiga joined the Microsoft FastTrack program to develop a fully transactional InsurTech platform.
  • Both companies are currently exploring the use of Microsoft’s Planetary Computer in projects that make intensive use of satellite-based imagery and Geographic Information Systems.

Mitiga Solutions, a Spanish startup, born in 2018 as a spin-off of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and Microsoft have announced their extended collaboration. Their intentions are to expand their collaboration for the development of solutions that will help predict and manage the effects of natural disasters caused by climate change.  Mitiga joined the Microsoft for Startups program in 2020, migrating its high-performance process architecture to Azure and relying on Microsoft’s cloud platform. More recently, in April 2022, Mitiga joined Microsoft’s FastTrack program for ISVs and Startups for the co-development of a fully-transactional SaaS (Software as a Service) solution in the InsurTech field providing risk management services to insurance companies and risk managers.

Mitiga is a leading start-up in the development of technological solutions for the prediction and management of the effects of climate change based hazards through the use of HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions and Artificial Intelligence. Some of its projects include monitoring forest fires and analyzing their effects, while taking into account the impact of real-time factors such as topography and wind direction, as well as climate variability. In addition to providing information that can help to control and extinguish fires more effectively, the data collected and managed by Mitiga on the Microsoft Azure platform allows better management of the associated risk for insurance companies. In late 2021, the European Commission awarded Mitiga and its partners a grant under the European Green Deal program for the development of the first unified risk transfer solutions for wildfire in Europe. The Program strives to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, to become the first climate-neutral continent.

«Nearly all natural hazards are impacted by climate change. Addressing this problem required concerted efforts. We’re delighted to collaborate with Microsoft to bring technology and science to prevent hazards from becoming disasters,» said Dr. Alejandro Marti, Chief Executive Officer of Mitiga.

Alberto Granados, President of Microsoft in Spain, highlighted: «One of our priorities as a company is to promote a sustainable future through innovation. The collaboration in this project with Mitiga puts our cloud and Artificial Intelligence at the service of the most relevant goal for us, as an organization and as people: to overcome the challenges derived from climate change to preserve a suitable environment for the next generations».

HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Planetary Computer

Mitiga and Microsoft are currently evaluating the development of other risk management solutions that could use Azure and the High Performance Computing capabilities of Microsoft’s cloud platform. These include the development of a new aviation crisis management system in Europe, incorporating environmental criteria in the intelligent management of air traffic control or the application of artificial intelligence when preventing climate disasters in European countries periodically impacted by  extreme weather events.

Both companies are also evaluating the use of Microsoft’s Planetary Computer to  make intensive use of satellite-based imagery and Geographic Information Systems. The Planetary Computer is a platform that combines a multi-petabyte catalog of global environmental data with intuitive APIs, a development environment for the exploitation of that data, and multiple applications created by companies, research centers, and educational entities.

About Mitiga Solutions

Mitiga  wants to make the world more resilient against natural hazards against a changing climate. Their mission is to create the most reliable technologies to manage climate-induced risks with science, AI, and high-performing computing, helping prevent hazards from becoming disasters

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