B3 partners with Microsoft and Oracle for systems migration to the cloud

São Paulo, Brazil – B3, the Brazilian stock exchange, signed strategic partnership agreements with Microsoft and Oracle, for the migration of their systems to the cloud within a period of ten years.

The partnership aims to accelerate the exchange’s digital transformation, leverage the modernization of platforms, develop products and services and, above all, develop new technologies that currently are not available for financial market operations.

The work will be carried out in two major phases, defined based on the study that B3 carried out on the characteristics of its systems and the needs of its customers. In the first phase, with a horizon of up to five years, systems that are currently more adaptable to the cloud environment, such as vehicle liens, Exchange Clearing, Banco B3, insurance, branch, among others, will be migrated to the cloud.

In the second phase, after the first five years, B3’s partnerships with Microsoft and Oracle partnership will focus on the development of new technologies for migrating systems where there are no ready-made solutions on the market today. In addition, the partnership will change the way B3 develops new systems, prioritizing cloud first.

“This is a transformational partnership. Our goal is not just technology; it is innovation, agility, and flexibility to serve our customers. We want to build a technological environment with new solutions, new products and generate benefits that reach the entire market”, explains the vice president of Technology and Information Security at B3, Rodrigo Nardoni.

From left to right: Tania Cosentino, Microsoft Brazil General Manager; Rodrigo Nardoni, Vice President of Technology and Information Security at B3; and Rodrigo Galvão, Senior Vice President of Technology at Oracle Latin America.

Microsoft and Oracle were chosen for this partnership due to the fact that the two companies have been investing and making significant progress in cloud innovation, performance, reliability, latency, resiliency and security. In addition, both have global commitments to the development of products and services for the financial and capital markets.

Another important factor is that Microsoft and Oracle already have a technical partnership for cloud interoperability, and this integrated work will enable B3 to implement a multicloud strategy, bringing the solution with the best security and strength available on the market.

Within the new products strategy, the objective is to gain agility and flexibility, accelerating B3’s go-to-market strategy and increasing the offer of new products to the market based on the simplification and connectivity gains generated by the cloud connection.

Using Microsoft Azure interconnected with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), B3 will have one of the most comprehensive solutions in security certifications on the market and wide capacity for application modernization, with speed and flexibility, optimizing and simplifying IT management.

“B3 and Microsoft have a long-standing relationship, and we are excited to be chosen as the cloud provider to advance the exchange’s digital transformation journey together with Oracle,” said Tânia Cosentino, Microsoft Brazil GM. «Microsoft Azure is empowering financial institutions with its secure, compliant and scalable cloud platform, with deep investments to support the industry needs of complex and regulated capital markets, which will enable B3 to advance its core technologies and business priorities with its ecosystem”, added the executive.

“Together with B3, we are honored and proud to contribute to the advancement and generation of new possibilities for growth, modernization, and transformation of one of the most important financial markets in the world. Technology, security, knowledge, and a lot of innovation will be the basis of this project in which, alongside Microsoft, we will help in the digital acceleration of the B3 ecosystem today and in the future”, highlights Rodrigo Galvão, senior vice president of Technology at Oracle Latin America.

The multicloud solution adopted by B3 with Microsoft and Oracle has an architecture that incorporates the full potential of both clouds, which further strengthens the institution’s strategy and brings added benefits, such as an advanced resource for business continuity, without interruptions, through disaster recovery.

The partnership between the three companies also includes actions to skilling teams through workshops, training, access to laboratories and market certifications, which will contribute to retaining and attracting new talents in the IT area.


.About B3

B3 S.A. (B3SA3) is one of the world’s leading financial market infrastructure companies and one of the largest by market value among the global leaders in the exchange sector. It connects, develops and enables the financial and capital markets and, together with customers and society, enhances Brazil’s growth.

It operates in the exchange and over-the-counter environments, in addition to offering products and services for the financing chain. Headquartered in São Paulo and with offices in Chicago, London, Singapore and Shanghai, it plays important roles in the market by promoting best practices in corporate governance, risk management and sustainability.

B3. With the market, for the future.


About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq «MSFT» @microsoft) enables digital transformation in the era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent frontier. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. The company has been in Brazil for 33 years and is one of the 120 subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation, founded in 1975. In 2020, the company invested more than US$ 13 million taking technology for free to 1,765 NGOs in Brazil, benefiting various social projects. Since 2011, Microsoft has supported more than 7,500 startups in Brazil through donations of more than US$202 million in cloud credits.


About Oracle

Oracle offers integrated application suites as well as secure, autonomous infrastructure on the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), visit us.



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