PicPay integrates Microsoft Artificial Intelligence into service channels

PicPay integrates Microsoft Artificial Intelligence into service channels

App messaging will use Azure OpenAI Service to answer questions about products and services quickly, conveniently and securely

São Paulo, Brazil – PicPay has integrated Azure OpenAI Service into its service channels to answer users’ questions about products and services, with information powered by the customer experience team. With this new feature, the company becomes one of the first in the financial sector to embrace the technology.

Azure OpenAI Service capabilities have been implemented in PicPay’s messaging service, Direct Message (DM), which launched in 2021 and allows users to talk to each other and the company. The use of this technology brings benefits such as quick and contextualized answers to day-to-day questions, and even the possibility of directing the customer to specific stages of the journey through links. The experience is also practical and safe for the user, without the involvement of sensitive data.

At this stage, Azure OpenAI Service will be able to answer questions such as how much does money yield in the bank and give instructions to apply for a credit card. As it is app usage information, it is a controlled environment and has been tested during a month to secure the quality and accuracy of the answers, ensuring that the individual data of each account remains private. Still, the customer always has a person at their service if needed.

«Since the beginning of PicPay, we have always believed in the use of artificial intelligence to deliver more and more value to our users. Now, with the arrival of new Generative Artificial Intelligence technologies, we are doubling down on the use of AI to power the impact we bring to our customers, completely transforming the way we operate to deliver even better products and services,» said Anderson Chamon, Vice President of Technology and Products at PicPay.

Azure OpenAI Service will be added to the DM by the AI Lab team, formed at PicPay specially to focus on Generative AI issues, to complement this new customer service channel, adding to those that already exist, without disputing or replacing the other fronts. The new functionality is already available to a group of users and will gradually be rolled out to the entire base.

To ask questions and receive answers that use AI, simply access the PicPay DM through the message icon in the upper right corner of the app and send a message in the conversation «PicPay: Service», which has a blue verification icon that demonstrates it is an official verified PicPay account.

As the customer service experience evolves, the company intends to transform the chat present in Azure OpenAI Service into a kind of in-app assistant, which will support the customer in various ways, such as sending money to banks, requesting transaction statements, among other features, in the coming months. PicPay decided to use their service on Azure to have all the security points that one of the largest clouds on the market has, while benefiting from important aspects such as security, privacy, reliability, and compliance.

«The financial industry has undergone a rapid transformation and one of the main reasons for this evolution are the changing needs of customers. Using the power of AI to provide a personalized and natural service, the services offered by PicPay meet the needs of its customers with the necessary agility in an online environment», adds Andrea Cerqueira, Vice President of Corporate Sales for Customers and Startups at Microsoft Brazil.


About PicPay

With more than ten years of history, PicPay offers a complete and secure portfolio of financial services to facilitate the relationship with money and be the main account of the day to day of people and their business. The company operates on five business fronts: Financial Services for Individuals, Financial Services for Legal Entities, Financial Marketplace, PicPay Store, Crypto and Investments. Founded in Vitória (ES), the company already has more than 30 million active users.


About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The company has been in Brazil for 34 years and is one of the subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation, founded in 1975, and present in more than 190 countries. From July 2021 to June 2022, the company invested over US$15 million in donations and discounts for nonprofit entities, impacting more than 2,000 institutions with software donations, purchase discounts, and support for training projects. With the launch of Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub, 443 new startups were approved, totaling 703 supported startups, which together have already consumed USD 11,898,488.00 in Azure cloud credits.

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