Sem Parar Launches Automated Customer Service System with AI

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The company now uses Azure OpenAI Service to facilitate interactions with customers.

Carol, the brand’s new virtual assistant, comes with solutions prepared for more than 15 thousand possible situations.

The project, carried out in collaboration with Microsoft and Grupo Compass Uol, will provide agile service assistance, with greater accuracy in resolving demands and smoother user experience.

São Paulo, Brazil – Sem Parar, a leading company in automatic payment methods, begins on Thursday (3) to use Azure OpenAI Service to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of solutions for orders received through its digital customer service channel. Through Carol, the company’s virtual assistant, the company integrated artificial intelligence into the customer service chatbot on the WhatsApp channel and trained its assistant with over 15 thousand interaction scenarios, with new training to be added throughout the project.

Starting today, with the adoption of Azure OpenAI Service resources – which includes natural language capabilities – Carol will respond intelligently and contextually to customer inquiries on WhatsApp, to provide a more humanized and personalized service, with efficient and effective solutions.

To position the company in the era of generative artificial intelligence and elevate the level of customer experience (CX), the Sem Parar team worked in an interdisciplinary manner, in squads guided by agile methodology. Among the partners are Compass UOL and Everymind, who created the chatbot and its integration into the Sem Parar system, integrated with the solutions of Azure OpenAI Service.

«The company invested in establishing an innovation unit specialized in artificial intelligence and in promoting its internal use. Initially, the project was implemented in customer service via WhatsApp, but there are also plans to use this technology in other areas,» explains Carlos Gazaffi, President of Sem Parar.

The company’s expectation after this integration is to significantly reduce the time between the beginning of customer contact and the resolution of the proposed demand. With more personalized and accurate assistance, the team also anticipates an increase in positive brand perception among customers.

Beta Phase

During the creation tests, the platform was configured with about 15 thousand different questions and answers so that the virtual assistant could efficiently respond to each of them.

The success rate in answering questions remained consistently above 90%, reaching 100% in many cases. These variations occurred due to the different approaches of the statistical models used, which demonstrated an important level of accuracy. This will allow customers to address their questions through a simple conversation with Carol.

The beta version of Carol is already available and adds to the other communication channels with the company’s customers, which remain active.

«This launch is just the beginning of what we are accomplishing at Sem Parar. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in our strategy. We are focused on the future and ensuring that the transformation reaches our customers through various initiatives,» explains Paulo Scrideli, Vice President of Technology and Digital at Sem Parar.

Digital Transformation

This new project is part of the digital transformation movement that the entire company has been undergoing, led by its parent company, Grupo Fleetcor.

For the launch of this innovation, based on thorough investigations, questions and answers were created that encompass the main doubts of Sem Parar customers, stemming from real situations and pre-existing inquiries in the FAQ. Additionally, the solution also takes into account writing characteristics that can encompass the widest possible range of variations, such as: slang, word abbreviations, regionalisms, and even spelling and typing errors, to provide a more natural and close understanding of what a human would do in the same situation.

«A significant portion of our customers access us through a smartphone. It was a natural move to seek the help of AI to create an enhanced communication channel, in which customers are at the center of our strategy and are heard and served efficiently and personally,» concludes Scrideli.


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