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Creativity in STEM – a contradiction in terms? Not for Europe’s girls!

At first glance, the words “science” and “creativity” might not seem like natural companions. Many view the precision, critical thinking, and data-driven methods applied in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as being at odds with creative instincts. But in fact, the greatest scientific discoveries in history … Read more »

AI for businesses: Not IF, but WHEN and HOW

An essential part of my role is to meet with customers across Europe, the Middle East and Africa to better understand how technology can help them be more competitive and stay relevant. During these meetings, Artificial Intelligence – AI in short – is always at the forefront of discussion. Why? It … Read more »

What all global organizations need to know about GDPR

I’d like to share some thoughts about the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the impact it will have on millions of organizations and how it can be used to commercial advantage. At its heart, GDPR is about guaranteeing the privacy and integrity of individuals’ data. And for organizations, … Read more »

Microsoft’s best Black Friday deals in Europe

On the hunt for a tech bargain? Starting this weekend, retailers across Europe, including our own Microsoft Store online are offering impressive Black Friday deals on the hottest gadgets, devices and games. So if you’re looking to start holiday shopping early, or just to treat yourself, it’s the perfect time … Read more »