Spain’s Cecabank and Microsoft incorporate latest digital signature technology for finance posts at CaixaBank


caixabank_Thumb[1]Mobile devices are key to their new commercial strategy and office model.

Cecabank and Microsoft have created capture technology for digital client signatures on mobile devices (Sistema de Firma Digitalizada or SFD) to be used by CaixaBank in their new locations . These devices are key for the entity’s new commercial strategy, CaixaNegocios, and their brand new office model (put into practice for the first time) called A Diagonal.

The goal is to get a closer relationship between the clients and managers of CaixaBank, as they both share the terminal access in the consultancy process. The creation of a biometric digital signature represents a safe and legal alternative, which was developed in a Windows 8 environment (a leader in merging traditional corporate tools and avant-garde mobile apps).

Clients, small businesses, independent owners and professionals are benefitting from this as CaixaBank managers can now actually go to them with the mobile devices, making consultancy and service acquisitions easier. Currently, there are 2.600 managers using the system.

On top, CaixaBank will install advanced mobile finance posts at their offices. A concept that addresses new client’s needs and behaviors. A Diagonal has been put into practice in November 2013.

Safe signature with biometric data capture

SFD’s purpose is to substitute the handwritten signature in physical documents with electronic versions that are stored in a safe and legal way via the biometric signature. The system has legal validation and guaranties. By putting into practice, several benefits are achieved: digitalization of documents, business process efficiency, a transformation in client’s relations with a multichannel environment, mobility, operational risk reduction, cost savings, environmental impact and fraud prevention.

The electronic signature of Cecabank is a key application for enabling a broader range of devices adoption with Windows 8 (tablets, detachables etc), which will make working more dynamic, fluid and innovative.

The system has had different acknowledgments at a national and international level, as it has been one of the first innovations across the finance sector in the past years. Nowadays, it is running on Windows 8 in more than 10.000 offices and on more than 30.000 tablets. In total, it is estimated that more than 500 million operations have been signed. The system covers all administrative and commercial activities of an office: contracts, transactions, applications, etc . Furthermore, most of the sector entities belonging to CECA are taking part. This includes banking, credit cooperatives and others (such as retail, hotels, automobiles and public administration).

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