Capturing the colours of southern Spain with #LumiainGranada

We’ve invited a select group of lifestyle media and bloggers from around Europe to discover, experience and capture the colours of the south of Spain and the intricate details of the Alhambra residence and its gardens with our Lumia and Surface Pro 3 devices. They will be joined by National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez to show them how to make the most of Lumia for mobile photography and Stéphane Baril from Adobe who will share tips on creating amazing images every day, everywhere with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Follow their progress all this week here or with #LumiainGranada on Twitter and Instagram.

And next week, be sure to check out the best pictures from the event on Lumia Conversations and enter our competition where we will have some giveaways for those who vote and comment on their favourite photo from #LumiainGranada.


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