Bringing 1.6 billion football fans closer to LaLiga action

LaLiga is not only home to some of the world’s most brilliant football-playing talent. It’s also home to 1.6 billion fans globally, making it the biggest sporting league the world has to offer. These passionate fans – who cheer their teams on from stadia, bars, sofas or even the train – have been lucky to live in an age where technology can connect them to their sporting heroes.

Sharing this deep passion for football, Microsoft is partnering with LaLiga to take fans even closer to the heart of the action. Announced at the Global Sports Innovation Center in Madrid, this new global alliance will see the delivery of new digital products and services, giving fans access to customized and exclusive content through multiple digital channels.

Commenting on the potential of the partnership, LaLiga Chairman Javier Tebas stressed that they wanted to give fans more than just live matches, “Adding together competitions, teams and players, LaLiga is the sports competition with the most followers in the world. But that’s not enough. We need to deliver experiences to those supporters. We want to have information about their preferences in order to provide those experiences.”

The ambition is for LaLiga to also be digitally transformed operationally. For example, with artificial intelligence tools it will be able to predict online demand for services and match day attendance at fixtures, driving greater operational efficiency. “Our partnership with LaLiga is going to lead to a major new wave of innovation in the sports industry, revolutionizing the way in which supporters relate to clubs and players, and radically transforming the management model of the sports organizations themselves,” stated Pilar López, President of Microsoft Ibérica.

Working together, LaLiga and Microsoft will also look to extend and promote digital transformation to other organizations in football, including LaLiga clubs.

Find out more about the partnership by watching this video:

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