Canard’s Microsoft-powered drones make plane landings safer at airports

Canard - Microsoft

A company that uses drones to make your flight safer has switched to Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Canard, a Spain-based startup, uses the unmanned aerial vehicles to calibrate runway lights at airports, which saves time and money.

Using drones instead of sending people up in an already crowded airspace means more checks can be completed and these inspections are more accurate. Commercial airline pilots can therefore land their planes more safely as they can rely on being guided by accurate and fully functioning runway lights.

Canard now runs its business on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, after switching from Amazon. The company has also adopted Microsoft’s SharePoint and Power BI tools, along with Surface products, to further improve its service.

Jorge Gómez, founder and CEO of Canard states that “We use Azure, SharePoint, and Microsoft Surface to capture the data coming from the drones and create information for our customers: airports… “Thanks to this, we manage to reduce by a quarter the time of calibration, and the cost, about 25% also.

Canard has already seen growth thanks to Microsoft’s BizSpark entrepreneurship support programme.

“The use of Azure is really simple and can be directly integrated into our system, which has increased usability. We have found a solution suitable to our needs, increasing portability and reducing by half the time of preparation of the mission. In short, we have minimized the problems of integration, achieving a more reliable solution”, said Juan Díaz, CTO of Canard.

“On the other hand, Surface has allowed us to lighten and give more power, proving the engineer a solution in the environment of operations – airports-runways, that is very manageable. This was precisely what we were looking for: confidence, reliability, performance and support”.

Canard is one of many companies that have chosen to evolve and grow using Microsoft’s vast range of powerful tools and services. Visit Microsoft Azure for more information.

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