Porsche releases a fast convertible – but this time it’s a laptop

Mobile World Congress is an odd place to unveil a new Porsche convertible, but the stunning new Book One isn’t a car.

Created in Germany by Porsche Design, the Book One is a two-in-one Windows 10 device with powerful innards that belie its slim, solid anodized aluminium exterior.

Powered by the latest 7th Gen Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and running Windows 10, the Book One is specced to the hilt and ready to blaze through tasks with ease – all while managing to last up to 14 hours, with a full recharge achievable in less than two hours.

But it’s the Book One’s hinge that will turn heads.

Hinging on success

Hinges don’t tend to attract much attention. From car and fridge doors to laptop lids, they’re thankless pieces of engineering that go about their daily business of opening and closing, without anyone giving them a second thought.

The Book One’s hinge is so impressive however, it’s earned its very own section.

Inspired by the gearbox of a sports car, the Book One’s unique VarioGear hinge is unmatched, in both form and function.

Forged from durable high-quality stainless steel, the Book One’s hinge provides incredible sturdiness while remaining flexible enough to flip the screen, transforming it from a high-end tablet to an ultramobile high-performance laptop in seconds.

The precision provided by this hinge mechanism results in the perfect symmetry of the Book One’s 7.7mm thick screen and body panels – both of which are identical in shape and form a perfectly symmetrical unit whether the screen is closed, or flipped all the way back.

Powerful flexibility


The Book One’s super-sharp 3K QHD+ display is also detachable from the keyboard base for extra portability without sacrificing power, and an accompanying magnetically attachable, pressure sensitive Wacom-developed pen, combined with the power of Windows Ink, allows for notes and doodles to be created with ease.

Despite its thin profile, the Book One isn’t lacking for connectivity either, with two USB Type-C ports, two USB 3.0 (for supporting existing USB devices), and a microSD card reader for quick and easy access to photos.

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