Smooth sailing: how a Croatian yacht rental company improved its business with Power BI

Adriatic Sailing, one of the leading charter companies in Croatia which offers yachts to customers wanting to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean, has embraced digital transformation and technology, increasing its productivity and accelerating its business processes.

Previously, the Zagreb-based company had spent many hours a day processing large amounts of data, and generating reports based on multiple sources – an inefficient and time-consuming process.

Now, thanks to an automation effort, the company has embraced the power of Microsoft’s cloud services, which include Power BI, along with additional Azure SQL databases – both of which have drastically helped improve productivity and time management.

The challenge

Adriatic Sailing provides charter services along the Adriatic coast. Due to its large number of boats and a high volume of requests for rentals during the tourist season, an accumulation of documents such as invoices, payment information, travel expenses and more were commonplace.

This volume of data was difficult for the company to handle, especially as all of the data was used to manually create Excel reports, with information copied from various Excel spreadsheets and neighbouring systems – a process which ate up many working hours.

The primary purpose of this data was for it to show how the business was growing, as well as highlighting which areas would be ripe for investment in the near future, and the need for automation was apparent. Instead of wasting time preparing reports, employees wanted to be able to engage more with their services, customers and clients.

Accessing reports on smartphones, tablets and laptops was also a vital requirement, allowing employees to access important information outside of the office.

The solution

With the help of Microsoft Partner 3 PRO, Adriatic Sailing chose to adopt Microsoft’s Power BI and SharePoint Online services from the company’s Office 365 plan, along with Azure SQL databases – all of which solved all Adriatic Sailing’s issues with reports and accessibility.

All information about the business is now available via a single dashboard, with a customised user interface which provides a simple interactive overview of business reports in a single consolidated location.

Thanks to the flexibility of Power BI, data is now presented in a clear, easy to read, and engaging manner, putting an end to bland tables. Data can also be filtered from various databases, allowing reports to be created faster and more efficiently than ever.

Employees can also now access business information and documents from their smartphones and tablets via Power BI’s mobile app, which comes in particularly useful on business trips and during meetings.

“Thanks to Power BI, Adriatic Sailing is able to create reports from different data sources faster than before. Thus, we have more time for work activities that directly bring profit to our company.” – Jakov Bošnjak: Executive Director, Adriatic Sailing

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