Windows 10 IoT smartwatch lets Steigenberger Hotel employees provide the ultimate service

Running a world-class hotel is no mean feat. Even well-oiled machines have spanners thrown into their works.

From a suite ordering more pillows, to guests arriving earlier than expected and not wanting to wait for a room, there are challenges to overcome each and every day – and the employees are the key to it all.

The hospitality industry is built on anticipating and accommodating the needs of each guest to ensure they have the most pleasant stay possible. For hotel management, utilising the right staff members at the right time, and ensuring that bottlenecks are minimised as much as possible, is crucial.

The best customer service boils down to a team of management and staff members who are equipped with the right tools, and the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Frankfurt is taking its operation to a whole new level.

The ultimate tool
In order to optimise back-of-house operations and provide a superior guest experience, employees at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel have been given a new IoT wearable by Trekstor, powered by Windows 10 IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT.

More than a standard smartwatch, the device combines Microsoft’s comprehensive IoT services with SAMFEX – a software solution designed specifically for providing immediate information on hotel rooms with real-time updates to help with scheduling, re-stocking, room maintenance, and much more.

The wearable allows various functions to be reported to the right place without any communicative detours, and messages can be transmitted silently in real-time or verbally via voice messages. This means that housekeeping can create efficient, real-time, back-of-house operations.

At Steigenberger, the management team is generating up-to-the-minute service and cleaning plans so the guests who show up early or the guests who need pillows or flatware can be taken care of in no time thanks to the wearable.

“We have a well-trained, motivated and enthusiastic team, but to get to an even higher level of service, we decided to implement a technology solution that allowed them to perform at an even greater level of productivity.” – Michael Weil, Manager of Hotel Operations, Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt.

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