Webinar: how to accelerate your GDPR journey


If you’re interested in how Microsoft can help you and your business prepare for the GDPR, you’re welcome to sign up for a free 30-minute webinar which outlines the basics of the GDPR, and what services can help.

The video, which delves deeper into some of the technicalities of the regulations, also features a demo of Microsoft’s Compliance Manager in action.

This is a useful tool which helps users understand not only the numerous number of requirements, but also how various Microsoft services can help. It features a dashboard with a set of tiles for each service, displaying real-time compliance.

Currently, the tool allows users to manage controls for Office 365, with plans to support Azure, Dynamics 365 and Windows 10 in future. Using the dashboard, it’s possible to see recommended actions for your data, to help ensure that it remains compliant with the GDPR.

Using this tool can help avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ – the risk of getting so bogged down in analysing data against regulations that progress is slowed right down.

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