Food, drink and tech: this futuristic Russian restaurant breaks the mould

Last year, Nickolay Turubar found himself searching all over Moscow for a place to watch major tech company keynotes while being able to enjoy a beer, and talk shop with other tech enthusiasts. He found none.

Taking matters into his own hands, today, Turubar is the owner of one of the most unique food, drink and event establishments in the world – Gadget Studio.

Situated in the centre of Moscow, just a short distance from the famous Red Square, Gadget Studio offers its patrons an opportunity to eat, drink and socialise in surroundings created with geeks and tech enthusiasts in mind.

A cursory glance at the bar and drinks menu will immediately portray the spirit of Gadget Studio, with cocktails such as Freelancer Deadline and Captcha sure to raise a smile from tech fans and those in the industry.

As a tech journalist with 17 years of experience, Turubar’s aim is to ensure that the spirit of technology and innovation infuses every single corner of the premises.

From prints of famous tech icons on the wall, to display stands in each room showcasing legendary gadget icons over the decades, the atmosphere is one of celebration and remembrance.

Gadget Studio goes beyond merely a themed eating and drinking establishment, however…

A 3D printed version of Gadget Studio creator Nickolay Turubar

Tech in every corner
Walk to the bar in Turubar’s tech paradise, and you’ll be ordering drinks next to a 3D printer, which is constantly working away at creating new designs.

Regular members of the establishment can also pick up a tablet, and have their faces automatically recognised, before being met with bespoke suggestions and recommendations, based on their past orders. Powered by Microsoft’s face recognition API and Windows Hello security, customers can easily order their favourite items in an instant.    

Stroll into another section, and you’ll find rows of comfortable chairs and a huge 100in touchscreen, on which, tech keynotes are streamed live, from the likes of Apple’s WWDC event to Microsoft’s annual Build conferences.

This sense of community – bringing together tech enthusiasts and encouraging discussions – lies at the very heart of Gadget Studio.

“I’ve always said that the restaurant is built on two principles – technology, and customer feedback”, says Turubar. “I created the audience before I built this place, with lots of focus groups. On Facebook, we talk about what to change in the restaurant and what to do here. Before I started, I asked the community lots of questions. A lot of things came from the community, like the red and green toilet occupation indicator lights”.

Unique experiences
This sense of community crosses over to the numerous tech events and launches held at Gadget Studio by large companies, who want to reach the passionate community that Turubar has created.

Recently, for example, Gadget Studio allowed him to combine two of his greatest passions – technology and football – and share them with his customers.

Microsoft showcased the Xbox One X at Gadget Studio, making it the only location in Moscow where visitors could try out the console for themselves, before it even officially went on sale. A FIFA 18 tournament on the new console then took place, bringing together multiple communities, with gamepads and other prizes being given away throughout the course of the event.

Normally such an event would be held in a store or a rented events premises, but the combination of a Gadget Studio’s unique surroundings, coupled with the passion of its customers and culture that Turubar has created, made the location a prime, unique example.

Unsurprisingly, Turubar is setting is sights on expanding his concept to other locations in Russia, with interest shown in major cities, including London, Barcelon, Prague and more.

Watch this space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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