G2A Marketplace uses artificial intelligence to predict what games you’ll want to play next

G2A.COM has announced an Azure-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution which will provide improved performance and security, while also predicting what games its customers might be interested in.

Founded in 2010 by Bartosz Skwarczek and Dawid Rożek in Rzeszów, Poland, G2A.COM is now a global company with two core elements – G2A Marketplace (the world’s biggest and fastest growing digital gaming marketplace), and G2A PAY, a secure and convenient online payment gateway.

G2A Marketplace currently has over 16 million users who come to browse 75,000 products from more than 300,000 sellers worldwide. In turn, G2A PAY offers clients over 200 global and local payment methods, helping businesses to scale their operations globally.

Processing terabytes of data daily, Microsoft’s Azure-based AI technology will allow G2A.COM to further develop its recommendation system, while adapting its services to the needs of its users – all while minimising the risk of potential fraud.

Intelligent recommendations
G2A.COM and Microsoft’s cooperation will focus on utilizing Microsoft’s technology to analyse big data and develop new systems – one of which will expand the company’s online recommendation system, using machine learning models and existing data.

Dorota Wrobel, G2A Marketplace General Manager states that “Today, time is the most important asset in our lives – we don’t want our users to waste it playing games they don’t like. We have over 75,000 products on G2A Marketplace, which is a huge number, and people alone cannot analyse it all. Thanks to terabytes of data and machine learning, we can suggest suitable games to customers.”

This new recommendation system will improve and provide more accurate recommendations as more data is collected, helping G2A.COMS’s sellers reach more clients, while increasing customer satisfaction – a unique tool which lets the company stand out from competing online marketplaces.

Efficiency and security, driven by AI
Microsoft Azure’s AI services and mechanisms will also be used to develop best practices for consumer data protection.

“G2A.COM cares very much about the security of its customers – both sellers and buyers,” Wrobel states. “After implementation of the AI anti-fraud system, we have reached a level further than other online marketplaces, making us one of the top financial companies when it comes to security.”

“AI allows us to analyse lot of data each second, and the main advantage of this solution is that it is custom-tailored. Out of the box AI based solutions are generic and cannot use domain specific data. Thanks to this new solution, we can achieve better results than competing systems. “

G2A.COM’s new system is built upon various Microsoft solutions, including HDInsight, Container Registry, Application Gateway, Key Vault, Availability Set and SQL Server. It will allow G2A.COM to reduce the number of potential fraud cases in its ecosystem, increase the safety of transactions, predict malicious behaviour, and decrease costs and rejected transactions.

Benefits of the cloud
Migrating to the cloud is a natural step for dynamically developing companies like G2A, which strive to maintain the constant availability of their services and adapt the size of their infrastructure to meet market needs.

When a given project requires less power than previously assumed, for example, the cloud allows users to easily reduce the computing power used, while sustaining low infrastructure maintenance costs.

Magda Taczanowska, Member of the Board, Director of the Enterprise Segment, Microsoft Poland states that “E-commerce is a data driven business. The Microsoft cloud was built to make the most of its potential and to securely process it.”

“The Microsoft Azure cloud technology used by G2A.COM’s systems allow the company to create unique solutions based on AI. This in turn enables G2A.COM to increase transaction security and adjust offers for users based on real-time operations analysis. This is an important step towards constructing an intelligent information process system operating in the cloud,” he emphasizes.

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