Microsoft and MIP Politecnico di Milano’s new digital AI platform is the ultimate career-path mentor

Personal mentors which offer advice and support are an invaluable asset – especially for those embarking on career paths.

A mentor which recommends the right content to study, the best networking suggestions, and the most important activities to tackle to ensure your skills and knowledge are well-rounded and tailored to your ultimate career goals, is a priceless asset.

While such an individual almost sounds too good to be true, Microsoft and MIP – the Graduate School of Business of Politecnico di Milano – have created a tool that offers all of these features, and more.

A revolutionary new platform
FLEXA is a new digital platform powered by Microsoft Azure and AI which offers various services that help facilitate personalised, continuous learning.

Designed to help users sift through huge amount of information and content available in their studies, FLEXA provides the ability to focus on the most important materials, allowing for the most efficient use of a student’s time.

FLEXA will enable any individual, student or alumnus to access their professional skills before benchmarking them with other profiles on the job market, while providing users with personalised content to help fill gaps between career goals and study backgrounds

In addition – and importantly in our digital, always-connected culture – the system also encourages intelligence-based networking between individuals, allowing collaborative learning and skill building, as well as connecting people with suitable mentors.

The system will also provide superior exposure to recruiters and head-hunters, by providing them with access to the educational pathways completed in the platform, while providing evidence of the knowledge developed by each individual student.

Thanks to FLEXA, MIP aims to set a new standard in the learning and education process by improving its curriculum based on the behaviour of its users and the use of the new platform. It will also allow the school to establish new relationships with companies – both by using the platform to support their employee development, and also by offering targeted recruiting services.

Andrea Sianesi, MIP Dean believes that “This project is a very important element in the evolution of our digitalization strategy, relating to courses for individuals and businesses, which we have been successfully putting into action since 2014, thanks to the development with Microsoft of increasingly innovative digital learning platforms.”

“This new project combines excellence in management education with digital innovation and, in accordance with the guidelines pursued by the Politecnico di Milano, represents a further step forward in the achievement of our mission which is ‘to impact on society by creating and sharing knowledge at the intersection between engineering, management and economics’.

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