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The Microsoft ScaleUp program (previously known as Microsoft Accelerator) is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support. Eligible startups partake in the immersive program at one of our eight global locations followed by ongoing support from a dedicated team of success managers. One of the ScaleUp locations is Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin, where a dedicated team around MD Iskender Dirik twice a year support a batch of up to 10 startups with dedicated coaching, training and technical support. In this blog series we will introduce one of the participating StartUps each Tuesday.

Jelastic was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js or Python developers with an easy way to setup application environments and deploy applications quickly.

Today, Jelastic’s Platform-as-Infrastructure is rapidly becoming the standard for hosting service providers worldwide and is penetrating the enterprise market by delivering a superior turnkey cloud environment at a fraction of the cost of existing virtualization solutions.

Jelastic’s Goal: a simpler, more efficient cloud

“Being developers ourselves, we wanted to create a simple, but powerful tool that will help us to get our job done faster and without involvement of system administrators. Later we figured out that this need is common among developers and there is a demand for such magical tool around the world. So, that was the beginning of Jelastic.”

– Ruslan Synytsky, Co-Founder & CEO

60 seconds with Jelastic

Jelastic participated together with nine different Tech-Startups at the Microsoft ScaleUp Batch Week in Berlin. We have asked them some questions about the collaboration with Microsoft and their new learnings.

How are you involved with Microsoft ScaleUp?
Our partnership with Microsoft has taken place for several years so far, and we naturally see a good progress. Jelastic customers worldwide show a growing interest in multi-cloud with Azure included as an option. That’s why we aim to cover this demand with a high quality level, as well as at a fast pace, and the Microsoft ScaleUp program can significantly help us.

What was the biggest challenge for you before the start of the program – and have you overcome it yet?
“While working with enterprises we are facing the challenge to persuade them to make the first step and try our platform. The reason is that our brand is not that known as large-scale competitors, so corporate customers hesitate at the start but fell in love with our product as soon as proceed using it. Microsoft has a strong name and a wide list of enterprise clients who trust their opinion, so such cooperation can open many doors for us much faster. Now we’ve already started communication with our Microsoft mentors and plan to contact Microsoft customers, who are searching for such kind of product as we offer.”

What areas did the ScaleUp Batch Week help you the most?
“The presenters at ScaleUp Batch Week opened our eyes on some problems and provided new ideas where to move in order to improve our results. For example, I’m still working on my presentation speeches, constantly improving them, and Microsoft training helped to find a number of issues, moreover –  already successfully fixed some of them. Negotiation, Pricing and Sales sessions helped a lot to redefine some aspects of our sales processes. Also, I’d like to highlight the importance of Talent Development sessions, as our team is growing, requiring much more efforts to find and hire qualified specialists, motivate them and assist in self-development. Participation in such kind of events is aimed to power up professional business skills, so we are glad to be part of this.”

In a nutshell: What makes the Microsoft ScaleUp special for you?
“Support of Microsoft ScaleUp program means several important points that might be mentioned: Jelastic growth acceleration with the help of Microsoft mentors expertis, the expansion of potential customers via Microsoft channels and the Improvement of technical integration of Jelastic with Azure Cloud Platform.”

What are your next steps?
“We plan to start a closer communication with Microsoft branches/teams, as well as partner with enterprise-class customers, providing them a highly-qualified product that will complement and expand the possibilities of Microsoft Azure.”

This blog post is part of a series of participants of the Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin Batch March-June 2018.


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