Eric Horvitz: The route to responsible AI

The European Commission recently presented its artificial intelligence strategy to ensure Europe can make the most of the opportunities offered by AI and address the new challenges that it brings.

While experts caution that this new technology remains at a formative stage, it is still possible to see how AI is already improving the way humans work and changing how some key sectors of society are organized.

Computer scientists have made huge advancements in our ability to learn from data, recognize patterns and transform progress in machine learning into services and tools, such as speech-to-speech translation, speech and object recognition.

In his recent #TechTalk, Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Director of Microsoft Research Labs, explored the benefits that AI and machine learning bring to the healthcare sector, especially in improving prediction rates for patient recovery and readmission.

He also explains why companies must establish ethical principles to make sure AI is properly governed as well as guide the development of AI systems that guard against bias and make machine decisions transparent and explainable.

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