Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin – meet Austrian startup Adverity


The Microsoft ScaleUp program is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support. Eligible startups partake in the immersive program at one of our eight global locations followed by ongoing support from a dedicated team of success managers. One of the ScaleUp locations is Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin, where a dedicated team around Managing Director Iskender Dirik twice a year supports a batch of up to 10 startups with coaching, training and technical support. In this blog series we will introduce one of the participating startups from our third batch each Tuesday and Thursday. 

Adverity was founded in 2014 by Alexander Igelsboeck, Martin Brunthaler und Andreas Glaenzer with the belief that data could radically improve how brands and customers connect, understand and interact with each other. Their automated platform unifies all existing marketing data and delivers the big picture of marketing to their customers’ fingertips. “We help companies analyze and optimize their marketing and advertising investments and through that make the best decisions to grow their business”, says Andreas Glaenzer, Chief Sales Officer at Adverity.  

The platform is already used by a lot of companies of all sizes from different industries and employing a variety of use-cases. “The biggest challenge for us was communicating a clear and consistent message to the market, that puts us into the right spot in the ecosystem and allows us to scale and grow faster”, says Glaenzer. “The Scale-Up program enabled us to make a lot of progress towards this objective and we are already in a better position for the future.” 

“The workshops and the participatory process of the ScaleUp program both proved to be tremendously helpful in developing and scaling Adverity further.” Andreas Glaenzer, Chief Sales Officer at Adverity 

Speaking about what Adverity values from the ScaleUp program: “Originally, we thought access to the Microsoft Network would be the biggest benefit of the program. While this proved to be hugely valuable to us, the workshops and the participatory process both proved to be tremendously helpful in developing and scaling Adverity further”, says Glaenzer.

The startup is currently undergoing an intense growth phase and is putting a lot of effort into putting processes in place to manage growth but still leave room for innovation and flexibility. “Geographically, we are expanding our presence in Europe and the US. Product-wise, we are continuing to invest in order to maintain our position as the number one marketing data integration engine”, says Adverity’s Chief Sales Officer Andreas Glaenzer about their next steps.

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