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The Microsoft ScaleUp program is designed for Series A startups and offers access to sales, marketing and technical support. Eligible startups partake in the immersive program at one of our seven global locations followed by ongoing support from a dedicated team of success managers. One of the ScaleUp locations is Microsoft ScaleUp Berlin, where a dedicated team around Managing Director Iskender Dirik twice a year supports a batch of up to 10 startups with coaching, training and technical support. In this blog series we will introduce one of the participating startups from our third batch each Tuesday and Thursday.  

Userlane was founded 2015 by Hartmut Hahn, Felix Eichler and Kajethan Uhlig. Userlane technology makes it possible to operate any software or interface without the need to learn: “Cars are sold with a navigation system so that people don’t need to learn how to go from A to B, and don’t need to check a map at each intersection”, says Jonathan M. Gregory, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Userlane. So that people can focus on driving while they receive specific instructions in real time. Userlane does the same thing in software applications. “Our system shows people what to do at each step to make sure that everybody can accomplish their tasks without looking for instructions”, says Gregory. 

Besides training from top speakers and working with other remarkable founders, the biggest benefit of the ScaleUp program for Gregory is co-selling with Microsoft. “We have generated great interest from Microsoft sellers to present our solution to their clients, it’s been an amazing journey so far.”  

Watch the video interview with Jonathan M. Gregory, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Userlane, and Hartmut Hahn, CEO and Co-Founder at Userlane, to learn more about the startup: 

Their biggest challenge before the start of the program was tapping into the enterprise market. “Large organizations need to increase the speed and efficiency of software adoption and usage among employees, so there is a big potential for our solution”, says Gregory. Since then, they have been growing rapidly within that segment with customers such as Deutsche Bank, Allianz, Virtusa Polaris, and Solvay. “Together with Microsoft, we are looking forward to helping more enterprises simplify employee training, increase the usage of their applications and reduce support cost.” Besides growth in the enterprise segment together with partners such as Microsoft, one of their next steps is expanding to the US market with local offices in 2019. 

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