Gianluca Gazzoli: Working the dream job thanks to technology

When you think of technology at work, you think of an office environment: a desk, two screens and a 9-5 rigid job structure. Gianluca Gazzoli breaks this norm, meeting inspirational people as he travels around the world and showcasing through his work how technology can bring people together.

The Italian influencer and Radio Deejay presenter from Milan is passionate about the way technology positively impacts people’s lives in both a professional and personal sense.

Gianluca has been lucky enough to meet high profile celebrities and attend some of the world’s most prestigious music and sporting events through his work. From meeting Roger Federer to performing a radio show live from Juventus’ stadium in Turin, Gianluca acknowledges merging his passion for technology with his career as a presenter has transformed his life for the better.

He shared his thoughts on technology with us below.

How has technology transformed how you work?
My work simply wouldn’t be possible without the technology I rely on. I do work for radio and TV, but what really drives me is knowing I can create online video content which empowers and inspires my viewers in all sorts of ways. For me, it’s important to tell a story. I have a great connection with my fans and want them to experience my adventures with me. Technology allows me to do this, to create authentic videos and upload them to platforms where my community of followers can easily access and enjoy.

In your current job, what tech tools do you find most useful?
Wherever I travel to for work, technology always comes with me. Every day I wake up I could be working from a new, sometimes isolated location. I need to access my files everywhere I go – that’s why Microsoft OneDrive and Surface devices are so useful for me. They allow me to be at work and have everything I need even when I’m physically not in the studio.

Staying connected and collaborating is also so important in my line of work. It may sound simple, but even my phone is so important for me when collecting and distributing content on my social channels.

Man on laptop

How do you use technology outside of work?
I think a lot of people don’t realise how important technology really is to our everyday lives. For example, as an enthusiastic runner, I always use a smartwatch to track my running performance and improve my everyday wellbeing.

I’m also a massive gamer and am particularly into eSports. It goes to show that although technology is beneficial for me at work, it also helps me to stay fit and have fun. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

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What does the technology of the future look like to you?
AI is extremely interesting to me right now. I believe it is the future and will innovate our lives in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Two years ago I went to the Microsoft campus in Redmond and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Using the virtual and mixed reality technology they had was such a revelation for what the future holds. I would love to begin using VR in my field of work.

But we have to remember that technology does not work without human ingenuity. Future innovations must not lose this aspect – hopefully we can find the perfect balance between technology and people as it continues to transform the world around us.


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