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Top Tips for Grads: Create your own platforms and paths to success

The graduation cap is off and the job search is on. Microsoft empowers you with the tools to achieve your ambitions and share your brilliance with the world. Here are some tools from Microsoft and LinkedIn to help you with your job search:

💡 Microsoft Resume Assistant: Word + AI + LinkedIn AI-powered Word features harnessing insights from LinkedIn to create a resume and land your dream job.  When you are working on your resume, Editor for Resume checks your resume for specific style issues such as first-person reference, vague verbs, unsuitable expressions and more.

💡 Conquer video interviews with Background Blur in Microsoft Teams. It blurs your background during calls, so there’s no fretting about messy bedrooms.

Microsoft Teams - customised background feature

💡 Focus Assist (available on Windows 10 PCs) turns off distractions such as notifications, sounds and alerts when you need time to write that first resume or build a LinkedIn profile.

💡 Intelligent Office365 apps like Editor and PowerPoint Designer offer dynamic, professional support. PowerPoint Designer improves slides for Office 365 subscribers by automatically generating design ideas to choose from. While you’re putting content on a slide, Designer works in the background to match that content to professionally designed layouts.

💡 Ideas in Word follows along as you write, providing intelligent suggestions to make writing more concise, readable and inclusive. It even uses machine learning to suggest rewrites for tricky phrases.

It can even use machine learning to suggest a rewrite for a tricky phrase. Ideas will also help when you’re reading documents by providing estimated reading times, extracting key points, and decoding acronyms using data from the Microsoft Graph. To learn more about AI in Office and throughout Microsoft, read the Microsoft AI blog.

💡 To-Do organizes your day so you never miss an interview, meeting, or task. Integration with allows you to drag and drop emails into To-Do task lists and schedule tasks by dragging them to your calendar.

With Microsoft To-Do, you can:

  • Plan your day – add tasks from our Suggestions or enter new tasks in My Day.
  • Set due dates and reminder times for each task to keep everything on track.
  • Star a task to mark it as Important and it will automatically appear in your Important smart list.
Young Guru (Gimel Androus Keaton) – Music Producer

I come from a tradition of you go to school, you’re going to graduate from high school. There was absolutely no option in my household, you’re gonna go to college. So all of that was to prepare you for life.

It’s drilled into you, I’m preparing you for either the workforce or life after or whatever. It’s all looked at as preparation…And it’s like no guess what, life already started…

You don’t have to wait to start life. Just start doing it, especially with all the tools that we have now. I wish I had those tools. You know when I was a kid.

So now you can start a business without even leaving your house. You can create something without even leaving your house and put it online and start making money 24 hours a day without even leaving your house.

Do the program now, make the album now, start writing and learning code now. Do it now, don’t wait.”    

“How can I juggle school, work, and friends? Will I get to do what I love for a living? Will I make a difference in my community?” We can’t predict the future, but we can chart a course – and be ready for anything. Follow these inspiring stories and tips from twelve trailblazers who created their own platforms to share their brilliance with the world, and show how you can too. Hosted by Demi Adejuyige, comedian, writer for shows including The Late Late Show with James Corden and The Good Place. and host of Gilmore Guys and Punch Up the Jam.

The series’ six tidy episodes (all run under 30 minutes) feature twelve guests who range from current students following their passions – like Duke medical student Shree Bose and 16-year-old rapper Sparsh Shah – to successful pros who share lessons learned, such as award-winning music producer Young Guru and magazine editor Joyce Chang.


Tune into the conversation: 

Episode 1: How to Have a Life – Streamline your life and make room for the things you love.

Episode 2: The Coolest Thing – Build a community to teach and inspire others to make a positive impact, together.

Episode 3: Vibe Over Money – Don’t wait for life to start. It’s already started. So find your mission and feel the vibe.

Episode 4: Your Career Doesn’t Exist (Yet) – This generation creates our own platforms and paths. What will yours be

Episode 5: Feel the Joy – We learn better when we’re happy. Explore self-care for student life.

Episode 6: Resource-full – Manage through struggles, find resources, and kick-start your financial future


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Find your light, and share it with as many others as you can.