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An exclusive partnership

Qwant and Microsoft announce an exclusive partnership for a unique Internet research experience

Qwant and Microsoft share an ambitious vision of an open and responsible Internet. The partnership with Microsoft announced today will enable Qwant to offer French Internet users, and in the countries where it is and will be present, an unprecedented Internet research experience that respects the essential values to which French and European citizens are committed. Qwant, which is growing stronger each year, intends to accelerate its market share in Europe with this partnership, as a search engine that guarantees privacy and confidentiality of searches.

A unique and unique search privacy feature to ensure the highest level of privacy protection

Qwant has developed, to use Microsoft technologies, a privacy feature for Internet users’ searches on Qwant that guarantees the protection of users’ privacy while improving the quality of search results and displayed advertising. This functionality complies with the requirements of the French administration’s IT security services.

In this context, Qwant remains in control of its technology, including its algorithm, index and client infrastructure, without collecting personal data, to better secure the privacy of its users and the confidentiality of their research. Microsoft, for its part, provides Qwant, which has always chosen a European infrastructure and in addition to its own technologies, with the additional computing power of its Azure Cloud to meet the growing needs of the European market, with Microsoft Advertising services and Bing’s algorithmic research.

Thus, Qwant will be part of the pre-filled options in future versions of the Edge browser. In addition, Qwant will also be able to complement its own technologies with Microsoft technologies for future projects, such as the development of an open source “trust platform” for managing content and copyright on the Internet to meet the objectives of the European Copyright Directive, with a view to protecting and promoting the diversity of European culture and creativity.

A responsible search engine: Qwant undertakes to give 5% of the advertising revenue generated to French press companies

Qwant and Microsoft share the same objective of supporting the press and the work of journalists, whose articles are posted in online results in response to requests from Internet users. In support of this partnership, which allows it to offer a privacy-friendly online advertising model, Qwant is committed to donating at least 5% of the advertising revenue generated to French media companies, in line with Microsoft News’ partnership approach, which has already paid $750 million to publishers over the past four years.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and World President of Microsoft Sales, Marketing and Operations, said: “We share Qwant’s belief that privacy is a fundamental right of citizens. This is the whole point of this partnership, which aims to make Qwant a leading search engine at European level, thanks to a unique Internet search experience.”

Eric Léandri, President and co-founder of Qwant adds, “Microsoft is a recognized world champion, Qwant is a responsible European start-up. Together, we will continue to develop a European research engine that is ethical and sovereign. It is a win-win partnership. For Microsoft, for Qwant and for Europe.”