Microsoft Korea to implement an innovative hybrid workplace at GS Caltex

  • Expect to implement a hybrid work model maximizing productivity and work efficiency through Microsoft 365
  • Improve connectivity from HQ to production plants and workflows regardless of devices, time, or places
  • Allow safe data management and security enhancement with the Zero Trust model

Microsoft Korea supports GS Caltex, a comprehensive energy company, to build a secure hybrid workplace with Microsoft 365.

Since hybrid work has become the new norm due to the prolonged pandemic, the importance of a workplace, that can efficiently manage and protect data that can be collected and accessed regardless of the locations and devices, becomes even more critical.

GS Caltex introduces Microsoft 365 into the entire company to maximize work productivity and collaboration efficiency while maintaining a high level of security. Subsequently, GS Caltex is going to advance infrastructure for hybrid work, particularly in the headquarters, production plants, and the overseas affiliates which will bring GS Caltex an opportunity to leap forward as a leader in the digital transformation in the local energy industry.

First and foremost, a Modern Workplace based on Microsoft 365 enhances productivity and efficiency. This improves the workflow and advances the connectivity between each work area by building a creative workplace for communication, meetings, documents, security dramatically.

There are changes in communication and meetings. Once a collaboration system based on Microsoft 365 is established, it is possible to participate in remote meetings seamlessly and safely even with mobile devices. In addition to the above, a foundation to create virtual meeting spaces for cooperation following respective purposes is provided.

On top of that, employees can expect greater flexibility while ensuring the security of the organization’s data, with the Zero Trust model of Microsoft 365 E5. It particularly protects sensitive internal data from the risk of external data leakage by establishing an authentication method verifying user identity, location, device status, service, or workload and by safely managing corporate assigned devices. Also, the authors of the documents will have the authority to track and retrieve documents.

The work of advancing security will enable integrated management of third-party services and expand its security system into enterprise security which detects and blocks external threats even for cloud applications. All the overseas affiliates of GS Caltex, therefore, are going to be integrated through Microsoft 365 to achieve business innovation and growth by making close collaboration reflecting the company policies.

Jae Jun Lee, head of GS Caltex DX Center, said, “GS Caltex wants to create a secure AAA(Anywhere, Anytime, Any device) environment by applying Microsoft 365 E5 and plans to prioritize the increase of productivity and securing the safety of customer service through the changes at work.”

Ji Eun Lee, CEO of Microsoft Korea, said, “To solve the complexity of hybrid work that has become the new norm and adapt quickly to the changing labor market, organizations should fundamentally review and rebuild the company’s operating model to maximize flexibility.” She added, “Microsoft will actively support GS Caltex to drastically innovate its way of working with the establishment of an advanced hybrid workplace and position itself as a leader of the digital transformation in the industry.”

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