How AI is changing the world of manufacturing

Henry Ford’s assembly line revolutionized manufacturing in the 20th century. The transformation driven by AI in the 21st century will be just as dramatic. 

“The Future Computed: AI and Manufacturing” is the second book in Microsoft’s The Future Computed series, looking at the impact of AI on society. 

Author Greg Shaw examines the way in which leading manufacturing companies are using AI to build the factories and supply chains of the future. He explores the exciting opportunities around this new technology and also looks at the way the manufacturing industry is again at the forefront of grappling with the challenges of adopting a new technology. In particular, The Future Computed: AI and Manufacturing looks at the importance of creating a framework for the ethical and responsible use of AI and ensuring that workers can be trained to take on new tasks.  

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In this video, Shaw explains the themes underlying his research, and hears directly from Çağlayan Arkan, general manager of Microsoft Global Manufacturing, and some of the manufacturing customers at the cutting edge of industrial AI. 

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