Microsoft brings enhanced responsiveness, stability, and value to Azure cloud customers in Thailand amid rising data usage across organizations with Azure ExpressRoute service

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Available now through 3 major partners – AIS, CAT, and UIH – to elevate network performance for business customers 

Bangkok, 30 March 2020 – Microsoft is bringing next-level connectivity to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for customers in Thailand with Azure ExpressRoute – a new service that provides direct and private connections to Azure services, enabling businesses to better fulfill their objectives in the age of cloud and AI with even greater cost efficiency. 

With Azure ExpressRoute, customers can establish private connections to the Microsoft Cloud, bypassing the public internet and linking up directly with data centers in Singapore and Hong Kong with 99.9% SLA. This direct connection is significantly less vulnerable to latency issues caused by regular internet usage, allowing your applications and services to respond more quickly on a link with up to 100Gbps of bandwidth while also enhancing connection reliability and privacy without requiring extensive investment in infrastructure. 

Backed by Microsoft’s global team of 3,500 security experts plus local support from official Microsoft partners, Azure ExpressRoute promises to be the safest and most reliable route to the cloud platform with more compliance certifications than any other in the world. The private Azure connection also supports hybrid cloud scenarios, allowing companies to develop applications and services that serve customers effectively without ever routing any data through the public internet. Built-in redundancy gives Azure ExpressRoute connections superb reliability in all circumstances, allowing your cloud services and data to be available and responsive at any time. 

Chanikarn Pronanun, Deputy Managing Director – Marketing & Operations, Microsoft Thailand, said, “Azure ExpressRoute is a service offering that represents the principles at the heart of Microsoft: empowering everyone to do more and achieve more through technology, and ensuring peace of mind through the highest standards in privacy and security. Through ExpressRoute, businesses have a better opportunity than ever to transform every dimension of their operations for the better, and we are very excited to see our customers take advantage of the direct connection’s advantages.” 

Learn more about the Azure ExpressRoute service at For further inquiries on the service, please contact Microsoft Thailand’s authorized Azure ExpressRoute partners.