Microsoft partners with NCSA to enhance cybersecurity in Thailand through Government Security Program (GSP)

Global Microsoft initiative to strengthen collaboration with Thai public sector through sharing of information on digital threats

Bangkok, 27 May 2024 – Microsoft Thailand and the National Cybersecurity Agency (NCSA) today announced a partnership under Microsoft’s global Government Security Program (GSP). This collaboration aims to build trust in technology through transparency and knowledge sharing, ultimately establishing a more robust cybersecurity foundation for Thailand. The partnership builds upon an existing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Microsoft and the Thai government.

Air Vice Marshal Amorn Chomchoey, Secretary-General of the NCSA, said, “This collaboration with Microsoft under GSP marks a significant step towards strengthening the security of Thailand’s digital infrastructure. The exchange of in-depth information – encompassing the functionality of products and services, the latest cybersecurity threats, and more – will provide the Thai government with valuable insights related to Microsoft’s offerings. This will foster confidence in utilizing the company’s products, services, and technologies while also enhancing our preparedness and response capabilities against potential cyber threats targeting our communication networks and critical infrastructure. Furthermore, both parties will build upon this collaboration by working together to analyze and enhance security systems used within the NCSA, leveraging Microsoft’s advanced technologies.”

Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft Thailand, added, “With technological advancements happening at a rapid pace, Microsoft firmly believes that security is the top priority that every technological product and service must first address as people will not use technology that they do not trust. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility across all sectors, and we are delighted that the government sector recognizes its importance. We are confident that this collaboration with the NCSA will significantly enhance Thailand’s cybersecurity capabilities in alignment with the government’s Cloud First policy, which emphasizes leveraging cloud technology to enhance operational efficiency. The extensive insights and resources from Microsoft’s network and team of experts under GSP will empower personnel within Thai government agencies to utilize technology with utmost security and confidence. Beyond that, we will also be supporting NCSA personnel in harnessing AI capabilities that will help them react and respond with greater speed and precision to evolving cyber threats.

The Government Security Program (GSP) is a global Microsoft initiative first launched in 2003. It aims to empower governments and international organizations to better protect their personnel, data, and infrastructure from cyber threats. GSP serves as a crucial mechanism for collaboration between Microsoft and governments, operating within a unified legal and operational framework that enables informed decision-making on technology-related matters. Currently, the program encompasses partnerships with over 40 countries and 100 international organizations.

Under this agreement, Microsoft and the NCSA will engage in the exchange of information and insights on various cybersecurity matters. This includes technical details about security threats, vulnerabilities, anomalies, malware information, and critical security issues related to Microsoft products and services. Looking ahead, both parties may explore expanding the collaboration to encompass access to technical documentation or source code for Microsoft products and services. This could also involve conducting thorough reviews and analyses of technical documentation and source code at one of Microsoft’s five Transparency Centers located globally in the United States, Ireland, Singapore, Brazil, and China.

Furthermore, Microsoft and the NCSA will collaborate to promote and drive knowledge, understanding, and skills in the safe and responsible governance of AI. This will be achieved through training programs focused on Copilot for Security and the utilization of AI to support cybersecurity efforts. These programs will target government agencies and personnel responsible for managing Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).

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