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Why are some cities more cheerful than others?


Are you feeling optimistic? Across Asia, there is a markedly different response to that question. In some cities, people feel generally pessimistic about the future, new Microsoft research has found, while other Asian cities have high levels of optimism. What has caused this, and what does it mean for city governments? … Read more »

RingMD launches Health Chatbot on Skype


Think of Cardea as your personal health aid. Ask her a question related to your health or tell her your symptoms, and she’ll provide you with relevant health information*. Want to speak to a real doctor? Cardea can also connect you to speak to qualified medical professional 24/7 through the secure … Read more »

Flowchart – Should I upgrade to a new Windows 10 device?


More than 400 million devices worldwide are now rocking Windows 10 – the most productive, secure and easy-to-use version of Windows we’ve ever built. With the roll-out of the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update[1], we’ve also underscored our commitment to continuously provide new features and improvements to the operating system. These … Read more »

Hack the Classroom! Clever solutions to tricky problems


We can think of hacks as clever solutions to tricky problems. As people who face many tricky problems on a daily basis, teachers could definitely use a few class hacks to help them save time and to be more efficient. As we celebrate World Teacher’s Day, here are some of our … Read more »