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Imagine Cup Alumni Go Pro


The 2015 Imagine Cup World Finals are coming! While 33 teams lose sleep to finalize their projects, we caught up with four Imagine Cup alumni teams. All of these teams have transformed their idea into a startup company. Team Eyenaemia (2014), Team Lens (2014), Team Chemicalium (2014) and Team Wormhole … Read more »

Wattblock lights the way for CityNext to shine


Wattblock . . . it all started with a three day blackout in a Sydney apartment tower, the resignation of the chair of the strata body corporate, and apartment owner and resident Brent Clark volunteering for the dubious honour of becoming the next chair. From that position Brent looked through … Read more »

CityNext – the future is now


If you were asked to imagine an ideal city, what would it look like and how would it work? You would probably wish that it was clean, safe and inexpensive. That its citizens were wealthy, healthy and well-educated. Transport services would be excellent of course and crime rates would be … Read more »

Making our cities more resilient


As we work to make our cities great places to live, the exchange of ideas is critical. And that’s exactly what the 2015 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors’ Forum is all about. The 10th APCS summit, which just took place this week in Brisbane, Australia, brought together a … Read more »