Cash Converters transforms retail experience with Windows 10


Sydney, Australia, 3 August – Rolling out Windows 10 to 350 stores around the world and migrating its point of sale system to Microsoft Azure has streamlined the entire information ecosystem for Cash Converters and transformed the way they do business. Cash Converters adopted Office 365 in 2012; the next step … Read more »

Organic passion sparks OneTable’s Azure adventure


Ben and Judith Jackson had three young children; a son and twin girls. Like many new parents they found themselves on the GP merry-go-round as the children succumbed to ear and throat infections and eczema. Eight years ago the family decided to embrace organic eating to promote better health and … Read more »

Engagis and Azure combine to create great global impression


First impressions are important. So are second, third and fourth; in fact in the digital age – every impression is an opportunity to establish a richer more satisfying engagement with a customer or potential client. Leveraging technology to create and maintain customer engagement forms the heart of Engagis’ strategy. And … Read more »

Using Cloud technology to improve breast cancer detection


For successful business intelligence software developer Yellowfin, every job is important. However, the work it is doing with Volpara Solutions to better assist in the early detection of breast cancer to proving to also be incredibly satisfying. Founded in 2009, Volpara Solutions HSSA has developed a suite of quantitative breast … Read more »

The cloud: a Surefire path to growth


Retailing is a tough gig; margins can be slim or elusive, consumers fickle and customer expectations constantly shifting. Nevertheless, it’s a significant part of the Australian economy and employs 1.2 million people. Smart retailers now understand that by providing a personalised, friction-free service to their customers they can cement the … Read more »

Insurance Advisernet Australia unlocks data to help SMBs thrive


February 15, 2016 – Sydney, Australia: In an industry dependent on the provision of timely, accurate and bespoke advice, Insurance Advisernet (IA) is differentiating itself amongst its competitors. Through the power of Business Intelligence (BI), IA’s network of advisers are now unlocking the benefits of data to become more efficient, … Read more »