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Computational thinking, 10 years later

Computer Science

By Jeannette M. Wing, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research “Not in my lifetime.” That’s what I said when I was asked whether we would ever see computer science taught in schools in the United States. It was 2009, and I was addressing a gathering of attendees to a workshop on … Read more »

UK start-up handed grant to boost free internet


UK start up Movivo is one of 12 entrepreneurial businesses to be awarded a Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative grant.  The grants will help these businesses scale their services and business models to increase affordable Internet access for the 4.2 billion unconnected people in the world. Each company will receive seed … Read more »

Xbox releases nearly one million Gamertags

Xbox gamertag

Xbox is to release a nearly one million previously unavailable Gamertags to online players this week. The tags, which are aliases that gamers use online, are from the original Xbox era, but these accounts never migrated to Xbox 360 and as a result have been inactive for some time. Specific Gamertags … Read more »

Microsoft’s perspective on the EU referendum


Ahead of the referendum in June, we’ve been asked by employees, customers and partners about Microsoft’s view on the UK’s membership of the European Union. As a business in an industry which will be affected by the decision we have carefully examined our position. First and foremost, we want to … Read more »

The Demons of Doom: Then and Now


The original Doom blasted onto the scene in 1994, in an era where 3D gaming was in its infancy and almost no one had dedicated graphics cards in their PCs. Nevertheless, the designers at id Software squeezed terror and menace out of every single pixel. Now, with the launch of … Read more »

Microsoft and Butlins team up to get kids into technology

Bognor Regis Resort

Microsoft and Butlins have teamed up to encourage children to get involved in science and technology. Butlins, one of the UK’s oldest and most popular seaside holiday destinations, is encouraging families to incorporate education into their break, as well as pick up new science and technology-focused skills. The tie-up with … Read more »

Work from anywhere? Only if you’re the boss

Man sitting on wall, work from home, surface, microsoft laptop

More than half of workers believe they have to be in the office to get work done, compared with less than a fifth of bosses, new research has revealed. Despite most managers believing that allowing their staff to work from anywhere, very few employees are actually doing so. The survey, … Read more »

Cyber criminals step up attacks on UK computers

Person holding Surface laptop

Cyber criminals have intensified attacks on the UK, a new report has revealed, with the number of computers being infected by viruses surging at the end of last year. The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, released on Thursday, found that criminals are using videos and other digital media to customise their … Read more »

TruRating: helping customers to rate shops – as they shop

Shopper using TruRating service on chip-and-PIN handset

Answer the following questions truthfully: how many times have you left a restaurant after a great meal and vowed to write a positive review online? Or got so angry at poor service that you made it your mission to drag that company’s name through the mud using just your computer … Read more »

Microsoft launches independent gaming festival

Man using Xbox controller and laptop to play games ID@Xbox

We’re very proud of the progress that we’ve made with the ID@Xbox program, which enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live. Today, to celebrate the amazing success and bright future of ID@Xbox, we’re … Read more »

60 seconds with Hugh Milward

woman standing in park using surface tablet

Hugh Milward has been appointed Senior Director of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft, overseeing the company’s legal and corporate affairs activities in the UK. The News Centre sat down with Hugh to find out more about his role, the challenges he will face and what he hopes to … Read more »

Want more women in tech? Companies need to relate to us, girls say

Women laughing with Surface tablet in park

Technology companies must relate to girls better if they want to increase the number of women choosing a career in the sector, according to new research. Seven to 14-year-old girls are very comfortable using technology such as mobile phones and tablets but are put off considering future employment in the … Read more »

Rolls-Royce agrees deal with Microsoft

Rolls-Royce engine

Microsoft has agreed a deal with Rolls-Royce to improve the British manufacturer’s engines and fuel efficiency and cut flight disruptions, it has been announced. Rolls, whose engines power more than 50,000 flights around the world every month, will use Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to analyse data … Read more »

Three UK non-profits receive Microsoft computer science grant

People using Surface laptops

Microsoft has given large grants to organisations in the UK in a bid to boost youngsters’ computer skills. The money, which forms part of Microsoft’s $75m commitment to increase access to computer science education across the world through Microsoft YouthSpark, will be handed to  The Royal Society, UK Youth and … Read more »

Become part of a world of creativity with MØxSurface

Danish singer Mo working on Microsoft Surface laptop

Singer MØ has launched a global campaign with Microsoft Surface to showcase the creativity of her fans. The Danish star – best known for her collaboration with Major Lazer on the most streamed song on Spotify, “Lean on” – has asked her followers to share their thoughts and artwork online … Read more »