Microsoft Makes Learning Visual C++ Easier

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 19, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the Microsoft® Visual C++® development system version 4.0, Standard Edition for Windows®
operating system-based development. The Standard Edition is designed for entry-level programmers who want to take advantage of the powerful C++ language and the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC).

Visual C++ version 4.0, Standard Edition includes step-by-step tutorials, wizards and MFC object-oriented libraries that make it easy to create powerful Windows-based applications. Visual C++ 4.0, Standard Edition also includes the award-winning Visual C++ 1.52 product for 16-bit development, which makes learning both 16-bit and 32-bit development easy. Standard Edition developers can easily scale up to the Professional and Subscription editions, since code is completely compatible with these advanced versions.

“We designed this new product, our first entry-level 32-bit development system for the Windows®
95 and Windows NT
™operating systems, with the anticipation of creating a new generation of programmers for Windows and MFC,”
said Denis Gilbert, general manager for the Visual C++ product unit at Microsoft.

Features and Benefits

Visual C++ version 4.0, Standard Edition provides the following features and benefits:

  • Customers can learn virtually everything they need to be proficient users of the Professional and Subscription editions.

  • Leading-edge C++ features include templates, exceptions, run-time type information (RTTI), name spaces, and the Standard Template Library (STL).

  • Considerable learning materials are included:

    • More than 3,000 pages of easy-to-use online documentation

    • A comprehensive printed tutorial to help developers learn C++ and guide them step by step through developing professional applications

    • Working examples of practical applications that use industry-standard technologies such as OLE, ODBC and DAO

    • Online abridged versions of the best-selling
      “Inside Visual C++”
      book series from Microsoft Press, which shows developers how to write great applications for Windows using Visual C++ 1.52 and Visual C++ 4.0

    • A special Microsoft Developer Network
      that provides instant access to important information for C++ and MFC programmers

    • Consistent user interface and wizards that help developers learn virtually everything they need to be proficient users of the Professional and Subscription editions. (The Standard Edition has the same user interface and helpful wizards as the Professional Edition.)

As their skills improve, developers can use code in the Visual C++ 4.0 Professional or Visual C++ Subscription products, which include these additional features:

  • An optimizing compiler

  • A profiler

  • Statically linked MFC libraries

  • The ability to add additional tools to the development environment (e.g., Fortran PowerStation, Visual Test and SourceSafe®

  • Third-party tools such as WinCIMSM, Installshield and Crystal Reports

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, Standard Edition is scheduled to be available in March 1996 for approximately $99, or $85 retail after the $15 mail-in rebate. An Academic Edition is available at a discounted price to students for $49. Multiple licenses are available for academic institutions. To obtain Visual C++ 4.0, Standard Edition, customers should contact their local software dealer or call Microsoft at (800) 719-5577.

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