Microsoft Announces Internet Newsgroups For Peer-to-Peer Discussions on Microsoft Products

Microsoft PressPass – Microsoft Announces Internet Newsgroups For Peer-to-Peer Discussions on Microsoft Products

REDMOND, Wash., April 9, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the addition of no-charge Microsoft-sponsored NNTP newsgroups on the Internet to its family of Information Services offerings. This new service boosts Microsoft’s Internet presence and further addresses customer demand for one-stop information and services over the Internet. Microsoft is investing in the newsgroups to create a community in which customers can share technical information about Microsoft®
products and technologies. Microsoft Newsgroups are scheduled to be live and accessible to customers on April 15, 1996, via the Support area of the Microsoft World Wide Web site (

“Our goal is to provide accurate and timely information that is widely available and affordable for our customers, and the Internet newsgroups are one more way for us to meet this goal,”
said Linda Glenicki, general manager of AnswerPoint at Microsoft.
“Customer discussion groups provide a rich source of technical information, and the increasing popularity of the Internet allows us to provide access to this information to a very broad set of customers.”

Microsoft Newsgroups on the Internet will replace Microsoft-sponsored forums on CompuServe®
as of April 20. CompuServe customers can easily link to the Microsoft support Web site and the newsgroups from the Microsoft Connection area on CompuServe. In addition, CompuServe will offer third-party forums on Microsoft products.

Customers currently access the Microsoft Frequently Asked Questions, Knowledge Base, and Software Library more than 850,000 times per week on the Internet. The addition of Microsoft Newsgroups rounds out Microsoft’s Internet offerings by providing an interactive environment for customers to send each other messages and responses about Microsoft products. Customers need only an NNTP-compatible newsgroup reader and Internet access to connect to Microsoft Newsgroups at no charge (Internet connection charges apply).

Microsoft MVPs (most valuable professionals) will provide technical answers and foster the growth of the online community. Microsoft will stay involved in Microsoft Newsgroups, monitoring responses for accuracy and assisting MVPs as needed. The MVP program recognizes Microsoft customers who voluntarily assist others in customer-to-customer discussion areas. Microsoft MVPs come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, yet they all share one key attribute: a willingness to give time, expertise and advice to enhance other customers’ technical skills.

“Being an MVP is a natural extension of my desire to help others solve their computing roadblocks,”
said Ross Pfaff, who was recognized as an MVP in August 1995.
“Whether it’s a mission-critical situation or a home-entertainment problem, assisting fellow computer users as an MVP allows me to give back some of what I’ve been given: knowledge and satisfaction.”
For more information on the MVP program or how to become an MVP, please see the About Support area of the Microsoft World Wide Web site (

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