Microsoft and Net Logistics Announce Alliance To Deliver Worldwide Internet Shipping-Logistics Application

NEW YORK/REDMOND, Wash., June 28, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. and Net Logistics Inc. today announced the launch of an innovative shipping-logistics application called WWShipment and the accompanying Net Logistics Web site, WWShipNet (, which offers a number of industry-specific applications, accessories and tools to help both shippers and shipping service providers conduct trade and freight-transportation business over the Internet in real time.

The WWShipNet site offers an easy-to-use gateway to these types of transportation industry tools:

Business services. Client/server applications, such as WWShipment, matching shippers and shipping service providers in real time, and scheduled applications such as U.S. Customs Service cargo clearance, broker-to-broker interface, equipment relocation, cargo tracking and more.

Industry resources. Information and references for viewing shipping schedules, rates and regulations, policies, procedures and other support aids.

Global Communications Network. World Wide Shipping Guide, the only directory of 80,000 transportation industry companies, offering free listings of business and contact information (mail and e-mail addresses, branch locations, phone and fax numbers), and Web-site URLs.

The WWShipment application delivers an open-systems electronic data interchange (EDI) communications channel, based on intranet-to-Internet-to-intranet links. Net Logistics will provide access to WWShipment by distributing at no charge a software package comprising customized copies of the Microsoft® Internet Explorer browser and Microsoft Internet Information Server to all shipping service providers and their customers participating in the Net Logistics program. Users can simply click the WWShipment icon and immediately define and post a basic shipping movement: point A to point B, pickup and delivery times, FOB, and weight and cube. Service providers can view and download these posted shipments and bid on the proposed shipping movements. Such automated electronic screening gives customers and shippers alike the opportunity to generate new transportation business over the Internet.

With Microsoft’s upcoming products, both shipping service providers and their manufacturing and retail customers can effectively exchange data between their many legacy systems. Microsoft tools and middleware will permit customers at both ends to use specific Microsoft server applications to migrate data to all divisions of each corporation that needs to share it. WWShipment helps solve incompatibility obstacles by providing a bridge between the various legacy systems.

“The potential to connect directly with customers, make data compatible and sharable, and control the costs imposed by new laws and tax statutes is a rewarding reason for shipping service providers to build a Web site,”
said Mark Walker, worldwide marketing manager for transportation, EDI and distribution at Microsoft.

Millions of manufacturers and retailers will receive this basic
client/server system at no charge, making it the first zero-cost client/server application ever distributed to transportation-industry customers.”

Shipping service providers are planning to send the software package to their customers to take advantage of the unique opportunity to win new business with little up-front expense. Each shipping provider’s Web site address will be built into the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Internet Information Server programs supplied in the package, so that any customer’s query will be sent automatically to the originating provider’s Web server. This gives each service provider the advantage of getting the first chance to bid on the proposed business and ensures that customers’ queries will be handled and acted on by a committed partner, not simply posted on a single clearinghouse bulletin board.

WWShipment is an innovative client/server application that enables customers and shipping service providers to comply with new standards and laws just now affecting the transportation industry. The Customs Modernization Act of 1995 requires shippers to define and levy duties on goods, and the Transportation Act of 1993 mandates that shipping costs be included as part of the cost of goods sold. The participation of the Department of Transportation and the U.S. Customs Service in WWShipment’s development, along with that of millions of shipping clients and service providers, will help advance the wider use of electronic shipping forms by all participants.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in the Empire State Building in New York City,
Net Logistics Inc. is a Microsoft Solution Provider and a client/server-Internet software development firm. Net Logistics is dedicated to promoting electronic commerce between both suppliers and users in the transportation industry.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

Microsoft is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

WWShipment and WWShipNet are trademarks of Net Logistics Inc.

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