Microsoft Offers Today’s Smart Choices in Input Devices

Redmond, WA, July 1996 — The personal computer has become an indispensable tool in the American workplace, schools and home. And now with the proliferation of online services and Internet activity, the PC is becoming the vital link to worldwide communications and information. With people spending more and more time at the PC, Microsoft is constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. One practical solution is the company’s expanding line of ergonomic input devices and peripherals to enhance Windows® based computing and increase your user comfort, productivity, and, yes, fun.

“Our goal is to make the PC easier to use and more enjoyable for people of all ages,”
said Beth Featherstone, product marketing lead for input devices.
“We’ve designed product for all levels and types of users, from the pre-schooler having a first hands-on experience, to the office worker who logs on and off all day, to the gaming enthusiast who wants better, and faster play.”

Microsoft works with experts in the fields of ergonomics, biomechanics and industrial design to create hardware and software products that increase user control and functionality while promoting beneficial computing habits.

New this year, IntelliMouse
is your smart choice for enhanced mouse navigation with Office 97 and the Windows 95 operating system. IntelliMouse offers greater functionality and screen control than any other product on the market. Incorporating a state-of-the-art wheel device, IntelliMouse increases the productivity of Office 97 by giving the user greater screen control and options via the mouse. Now you can zoom and scroll quickly through large documents and spreadsheets, and acquire new control over applications, like Microsoft Excel and Word. And if you’re going online, IntelliMouse is a great tool for the Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer.

The widely successful Microsoft® Natural®
Keyboard is an ergonomically designed keyboard built for greater comfort and usability. The hardware is contoured to support a more relaxed, natural posture while typing. In addition to its superior design, the Natural Keyboard has advanced software features and extra Windows 95-specific keys to streamline computing and enhance the utility of the keyboard. For instance, with the touch of a button, the user accesses a graphical Task Manager that lets them switch to any active application — instantly!

The non-stop action and adrenaline – pumping excitement of video arcade games is now available on the PC. The new Windows 95-based full-motion games demand the most in player dexterity and reflex time. Microsoft has designed the user control devices to boost your play into the stratosphere.

game pad, also new for holiday ’96, brings to your PC the same type of game play you’ve enjoyed on your favorite console system. The SideWinder game pad brings features to PC game playing not currently available anywhere else. Enter into head-to-head game play with your friends. SideWinder game pad is the only PC game pad that supports full

functionality for up to four players without requiring a junction box. And with a little advance planning and strategy, you can improve your game play response time and performance. SideWinder game pad lets you record complicated combinations of game moves onto a single button. Ergonomically designed, the SideWinder game pad delivers the control, flexibility and comfort you need for fun game play on your PC.

Get a better grip on the action with Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro, a powerful digital-optical joystick that provides the highest levels of precision and reliability. SideWinder 3D Pro joystick has eight buttons, throttle control, 3-D rotation and a switching device that automatically adjusts the play to the game’s operating system. With an advanced digital communication interface, SideWinder 3D Pro delivers improved speed for new Windows 95-based games such as Microsoft Hellbender
™. It also is fully compatible with MS-DOS®
and Windows operating system-based games.

Parents understand the need for letting young children progress at their own rate and speed. That’s why you start a child on a tricycle, move up to
“training wheels”
and then, when they have the coordination, teach them to ride a bicycle. Getting a young child comfortable with a personal computer also requires a measured approach. To help, Microsoft offers the EasyBall
mouse, a stationary trackball mouse designed for little ones age 2-6. EasyBall sports a single, large button and comes with quality children’s software. EasyBall works with all software that supports a Microsoft or compatible mouse. And with its multiple input device driver, parent and child can explore the PC together, each using their own pointing device.

The Microsoft Mouse 2.0 has won a total of 16 industry awards for its comfort, ease of use and smooth, accurate control. The device works with Microsoft’s IntelliPoint software, allowing users to customize buttons for repetitive functions, and cut down on time and hand movements.

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