Record Number of Technical Web Designers to Attend WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet Events Across the United States and Canada

REDMOND, Wash., July 16, 1996 — Today a record number of technical Web site designers will attend WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet, a daylong event presented by Microsoft Corp., offering comprehensive training and education on how to design and build creative, compelling Web sites. The event will show Web professionals how to exploit Microsoft® ActiveX
Technologies, Java and industry-standard World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML extensions, supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, in their Web sites. Microsoft products and technologies such as Microsoft Internet Explorer; the FrontPage
Web authoring and management tool; the beta program for the Visual J++
™development system; the Visual Basic® programming system, Scripting Edition; the Internet Server API (ISAPI) and others will be highlighted, as well as a broad range of products and technologies from more than 50 leading industry vendors.

The WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet event will be broadcast live to more than 50 movie theaters in the United States and Canada from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PDT, via satellite to customers with satellite equipment and simulcast over the Internet, reaching thousands of participants around the world. The program will also be rebroadcast via satellite to European customers on July 17, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. GMT.

WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet is one in a series of events that Microsoft has planned for this summer to educate and train Web designers and developers on Microsoft products and technologies for Web development.

“Our goal is to help Web professionals create today’s hottest Web sites, providing revenue-generating opportunities for them and a compelling interactive experience for the end user,”
said Brad Chase, general manager in the Internet platform and tools division at Microsoft.
“We’re thrilled with the industry response to WorldWide Live! Twenty thousand registered attendees and 50 participating companies are rallying around our Internet initiative.”

“The breadth of resources that Microsoft provides for Web designers like myself is truly astounding,”
said Adam Curry, CEO of On Ramp Inc.
“Yet they have chosen to present this wealth of information in a unique, informative and entertaining fashion. This event is a gift to the creative Web community.”
On Ramp has created a wide range of content and technology solutions, including Metaverse, Melrose Place, The Vibe and many more.

More Than 50 Leading Industry Vendors to Participate

WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet will feature technology, tools and speakers from more than 50 industry affiliates, including Adobe Systems Inc., Macromedia Inc., Progressive Networks, Seybold Seminars, Starwave Corp., VDOnet Corp. and many more.

  • Industry experts. Throughout the event, Web experts and industry leaders will share their experiences and techniques for designing and building exciting Web sites, as well as their vision for how the Web will evolve. Presenters will include Adam Curry, CEO of On Ramp; Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft; H
    kon W. Lie, author of the Cascading Style Sheets Specification for the W3C; Jonathan Seybold, founder of Seybold Seminars; and many others.

  • Internet broadcast. Industry partners have joined Microsoft to provide audio and video broadcast of the day’s event via the Internet. Compaq Computer Corp., Intel Corp., Intergraph Corp., Precept Software Inc., Progressive Networks, Saltmine Creative Inc., VDOnet, White Pine Software Inc. and others have provided hardware, software, technology and support for this event.

  • Site Builder Workshop CD-ROM. All WorldWide Live! attendees will receive two CD-ROMs containing all the tools and information they need to begin building compelling, interactive ActiveX sites immediately, including the Site Builder Workshop. This comprehensive CD-ROM includes the ActiveX Controls Gallery, a collection of third-party ActiveX Controls including technologies from Adobe, Macromedia, Progressive Networks and VDOnet as well as other tools and technologies.

  • Companies announce ActiveX resource Web sites for Web professionals and developers. Also today, 11 companies announced new Web sites that will provide information, education and products for Web professionals and developers using the ActiveX platform. Companies include CNET: The Computer Network, CMP Publications, CyberSource Corp., Developers Workshop, Fawcette Publications, Innovision, Micro Modeling Associates, Online Interactive, Part Bank, Programmer’s Paradise and Xtras.

Far-Reaching Education and Training Programs

WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet is just one event in a series of comprehensive education and support programs offered to Web professionals. Also announced today were the Site Builder Network, ( ) a new program that supports the efforts of Web teams to create interactive, revenue-generating, traffic-building and visually appealing Web sites, and Mastering Internet Development With Microsoft ActiveX Technologies, a self-paced, interactive training tool designed to simplify the process of developing Web applications.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

Microsoft, ActiveX, FrontPage, Visual J++ and Visual Basic are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Web page at on Microsoft’s corporate information pages.

WorldWide Live! Activating the Internet

Participating Companies

Aditi Inc.

(206) 828-9646

Contact: Gulati Tarun


Adobe Systems Inc.

(415) 961-4400

Contact: Rick Brown

[email protected]


Autodesk Inc.

(415) 507-5000

Contact: Melrose Ross


Black Diamond Consulting

(415) 577-8020

Contact: Lyle Speirs


Blue Sky Software

(800) 677-4946

Contact: Marylin Guarino



(513) 563-2907

Contact: Brad Hoeweler


Crisis in Perspective Inc.

(503) 227-2584

Contact: Jane Vermette


Data Dynamics

(614) 895-3142

Contact: Greg Boyd


DFL Software Inc.

(416) 487-2660

Contact: Brian Loesgen


Dimension X

(415) 243-0990

Farallon Communications Inc.

(510) 814-5000


FarPoint Technologies Inc.

(919) 460-4551

Contact: Don Williamson


Forte Software

(415) 772-8424

Contact: Jenny Chang

Fulcrum Technologies Inc.

(613) 238-1761

Contact: Mike Doyle


FutureWave Software Inc.

(619) 552-7680

Gamma Productions Inc.

(619) 794-6399

Contact: Gary Rosen



(716) 272-8030

Contact: Tim Theobald


Inspiration Software Inc.

(800) 877-4292

Contact: Ron Estrin


Intel Corp.

(503) 264-7814

Contact: Patti Russell


InterCAP Graphics Systems Inc.

(410) 224-2926


Intergraph Corp.

(503) 264-7814

Contact: Aggie Frizzel


Investors Edge

(415) 389-4799

Contact: Michael Bloom

[email protected]

Kwery Corp.

(800) AT-KWERY

Contact: Stan Leszynski


LEAD Technologies Inc.

(704) 332-5532

Contact: Jeanne Desrosiers


Macromedia Inc.

(415) 252-2000

Contact: Jane Chuey


mBED Software

(415) 778-0930


Media Architects Inc.

(503) 639-2505

Contact: Paul Needham




(206) 467-7929

Contact: Dianne Hofbeck

Micrografx Inc.

(214) 234-1769

Contact: Bob Gudenkunt


MicroHelp Inc.

(800) 847-8488

Contact: Jacki Willmott

Microsoft Corp.

(206) 637-9097

Contact: Diana Galbreath

[email protected]


Nature Conservancy of Washington

(206) 343-4345

Contact: Gordon Todd

nCompass Labs Inc.

(604) 606-0950


Northeast Data Corp.

(716) 247-5934

Contact: Paul King


On Ramp Inc.

(212) 556-9436

Contact: Lisa Protter

[email protected]

Precept Software Inc.

(415) 845-5210

Contact: Laura Lilyquist

[email protected]

Progressive Networks

(206) 674-2700

Contact: Jay Wampold

[email protected]


ProtoView Development Corp.

(800) 231-8588

Contact: John Beech


SoftQuad Inc.

(416) 239-4801

Contact: Jodi Hazzan

[email protected]


Software FX Inc.

(407) 391-9494

Contact: Rene Garcia


Starfish Software

(800) 765-7839


Starwave Corp.

(206) 957-2000


Superscape Inc.

(415) 812-9380

Contact: Andrew Dvrees


Sylvan Ascent Inc.

(505) 986-8739

Contact: Melinda Sedgley


Template Graphics Software Inc.

(619) 457-5359

Contact: Robert Weiderman


Tim Girvin Design

(206) 623-7808

Contact: Catherine Kelly

Totally Hip Software Inc.

(604) 685-6525


VDOnet Corp.

(415) 846-7700

Contact: Abigail Johnson


Wall Data Inc.

(800) 755-9255

Contact: Schelly Weedman


White Pine Software Inc.

(603) 886-0903, ext. 333

Contact: Tracy Specht

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