REDMOND, WA (, July 17, 1996) — This fall, Microsoft will break new ground when it launches Mungo Park online travel magazine, the world’s first interactive travel and adventure web-zine to feature real exploration. This web-zine is for people who have climbed Mt. Everest or those who have ever enjoyed an Indiana Jones movie. On September 3, armchair adventurers can enjoy the preview adventure and go
“where no man has gone before”
as they journey on an expedition to Africa to welcome the world to Microsoft’s newest online magazine.

Microsoft tapped the talents of Richard Bangs, noted explorer, multimedia adventurer and founding partner of America’s oldest travel adventure firm (Mountain Travel-Sobek) as editor-in-chief of Mungo Park.
“I have contributed to many publications over the years and have led many expeditions. When I was approached by Microsoft to explore adventure travel in this new medium, it was an opportunity to bring a new vision to the way consumers receive their information and provide a real-time opportunity for everyone to interact with the pioneering advances still being made today to unexplored corners of the world,”
said Richard Bangs. Bangs will be joined by editor Kim Brown (formerly of Travel & Leisure), giving this web-zine a combination of the best thinking in travel and adventure.

Mungo Park is named for the famous 18th century Scottish explorer who discovered the Niger river and mysteriously disappeared while navigating its waters. The September preview of the site will be structured around three distinct departments designed to appeal to people who like to push their own limits or watch other people push their limits and who want to prove that the human quest for discovery is alive and kicking.

Interactive Expedition Program

There are several planned expeditions for the web-zine, all of which will be broadcast live on the internet. The Mungo Park maiden interactive expedition down the Tekeze River in Africa takes place in September. Richard Bangs and his team will attempt a first descent of the Tekeze, the deepest gorge in Africa and one of the world’s last great unexplored territories. During this expedition the world will have a rare opportunity to experience the adventure as it is broadcast live on the internet. The expedition team will be carrying satellite communications systems, laptops, digital cameras, DAT recorders, and other high-tech equipment to bring a global audience the experience of turning corners never turned, and seeing and touching things never imagined. Satellite connections will convey journal entries, digital photographs, and interactive features, including chat sessions with the travelers.
“First-hand accounts of high-profile expeditions have always been thrilling as they allow people to enjoy the adventures vicariously. We are excited to tap into this opportunity,”
said Bangs.

Famous Authors Series

Best selling authors will be invited to take an adventure travel trip and to pen an essay about their trip. Each author’s contribution will be featured on the web-zine. Tom Robbins, author of
“Even Cowgirls get the Blues”
and other best-selling books, will kick-off the series for the web-zine.

Features & News

Mungo Park also will feature several regular columns from well-known journalists. Features and news will appear regularly, including photo essays, fiction writing, profiles, interviews and live chats with great adventurers, explorers and environmental heroes.

Mungo Park is about exploration — both exploring the world and participating in explorations people otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. On September 3, users can log-on and take part in the Tekeze adventure; other components of the web-zine will be at full availability in early 1997. Mungo Park will be available on MSN, The Microsoft Network and the World Wide Web. Our address on the World Wide Web will be

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