Microsoft Announces Broad Availability Of Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 Release Candidate

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 1996 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the release and broad availability of the Release Candidate ofMicrosoft Exchange Server 5.0 This major release will bring customers unmatched support for open Internet standards while enabling a new generation of collaborative Web-based applications to be developed.

“The way we work is changing radically,”
said Lizzie Beesley, group information officer at British Telecom.
“Instead of using technology to automate old ways of doing things, we want to use it to give our people the information to delight customers and to support teams – virtual teams – working across units and across the world. Messaging is one part of the solution, but we need more – to help people do business together, enabling teams to share information, workflows and other applications, cost-effectively and securely. We will work with Microsoft Exchange Server to deliver real business benefits.”
British Telecom announced on Nov. 20 that it has chosen to use Microsoft Exchange Server for a next-generation messaging project.

Enhancements in Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0

This major release provides the communications and collaboration support required for the Internet and intranets. Based on both Internet and other open standards, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0 delivers advanced messaging, scheduling and collaboration capabilities. Web developers can build powerful Web-based communications and collaboration applications using the Active platform and Active Server components in version 5.0.

“Customers have been asking for support of open Internet protocols along with the reliability, scalability and connectivity provided with Microsoft Exchange Server version 4.0,”
said Jim Allchin, senior vice president, desktop and business systems division at Microsoft.
“With Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0, we have delivered this as well as the ability to build collaborative intranet or Internet solutions with the Microsoft Exchange Active Server component support. Webmasters can easily add e-mail, scheduling and all types of collaboration to their Web sites with these Active Server components.”

  • Secure access to mailbox messages

  • Secure access to individual and group calendars

  • Secure or anonymous access to Microsoft Exchange collaborative information such as discussions, tracking applications or newsgroups

  • Secure access to information in the Directory Service

  • Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus cc:Mail

  • Person to Person Key Exchange, allowing encrypted messages to be sent to users across the Internet

  • Address Book Views for custom directory groups

  • Public Folder Sub-sites for better WAN bandwidth utilization

  • Attribute Filtering for Inter-site replication

  • Macintosh client for Schedule+

  • Enhanced user interface in Microsoft Exchange Administrator

  • Backup performance up to 300 percent faster

  • Collabra Share Migration

  • Novell GroupWise Migration

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