Microsoft’s Mungo Park Explores Space With NASA’s Next Atlantis Shuttle Mission

, December 11, 1996 (Redmond, WA) — Next in its Live Expedition series, Mungo Park(tm), the online adventure magazine from Microsoft, follows NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis on its mission to dock with Russian Space Station Mir. Not only can readers see the STS-81 space shuttle team activities from launch to landing, the January issue of Mungo Park ( ( ) will also feature the first live personal accounts published from an astronaut during a mission and will attempt Mungo Park’s first live Internet chat from space and first surround video from space available on the Internet.

Join Mungo Park on launch day, January 12th, as best-selling author Tom Clancy offers his perspective of the launch and space, in a live dispatch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer Nathan Myrvold and Mungo Park’s editor-in-chief Richard Bangs will also be on hand to capture the launch and share their thoughts.

During the course of the mission, join the crew members of Space Shuttle Atlantis as reported by Dr. John Grunsfeld, astronaut, astrophysicist, and mountain climber, providing an insider’s view of daily life on board the shuttle — from eating in space to docking with the Mir space station. On the ground, at mission control in Houston, Richard Bangs will offer a behind the scenes look at the NASA’s ground team in action. Together they will capture the imagination and wonder of space and bring it to a global audience via the Internet.

Mungo Park’s “STS 81: Live From Space” issue, which goes live on January 7th, will be entirely devoted to space. It will explore such topics as space food and the latest space fashions, to life on Mars. Online users can literally “ask the astronauts” whatever comes to mind and experience the mission through surround video, digital photos and audio. P> Stay tuned and join us on January 7th at ( as Mungo Park begins its countdown.

Mungo Park is accessible free of charge on the Internet and MSN, the Microsoft Network. Mungo Park is also a featured part of Microsoft Expedia travel services.

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