MSNBC, German TV Network to Launch Online Service

REDMOND, Wash., April 16, 1997 — MSNBC on the ( ) today announced it plans to launch ZDF-MSNBC, a German-language version of its online news site in collaboration with ZDF, Germany’s leading television-news network, further expanding the scope of the news service.

Scheduled to begin operation in August, the ZDF-MSNBC will have a newsroom staff of 20 journalists, the largest online news staff in Germany. MSNBC will provide software, training and technical know-how, while ZDF will provide news reporting and production for local content.

Available at no cost on the Internet (Internet connect-time charges may apply), ZDF-MSNBC will provide the same combination of compelling content in an interactive format that MSNBC has pioneered in the United States: original, up-to-the-minute reporting, analysis and commentary that incorporate the latest in personalization and multimedia technology. Portions of the German news content will be translated into English and will be available at ( .

“Now, German-speaking people, no matter where they are in the world, can stay informed about German news and events,” said Dieter Stolte, intendant (director-general) of ZDF. “We will combine the quality and depth of our editorial coverage with MSNBC’s leading-edge technology to provide fast, comprehensive information to our Web site audience.”

As with the North American version of MSNBC, German users will have access to the latest in personalization and delivery technology. These include Personal Front Page, which delivers news from personally selected topics, top headlines, weather, individual stock quotes and sports scores; Personal Delivery, which sends subscribers their own Personal Front Page via e-mail every day; Personal News Offline, which downloads personalized news for offline reading; and Personal News Alert, which provides instant notification of breaking news.

“We are building on the existing news-gathering and programming relationships between ZDF, MSNBC, NBC and Microsoft Corp.,” said Peter Neupert, vice president of news and commentary at Microsoft. “We look forward to bringing all the elements together to make ZDF-MSNBC a great destination for German-speaking people on the Internet.”

“The relationship between MSNBC and ZDF is a major milestone to provide an excellent and profitable Internet online news service for the Microsoft Network,” said Rolf Skoglund, vice president, Europe, interactive media group at Microsoft. “The German market is key when it comes to the worldwide activities of Microsoft in the field of interactive media businesses.”

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