Microsoft Introduces SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh

REDMOND, Wash., May 5, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Microsoft® SideWinder® 3D Pro joystick for the Macintosh® . SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh offers the familiar form and features of Microsoft’s most popular joystick, SideWinder 3D Pro. It also delivers exceptionally high precision and performance for a Macintosh games controller.

SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh is the first fully digital-optical joystick for the Macintosh platform. Digital-optical technology frees Macintosh gamers from the need to recalibrate their joysticks in the heat of battle. In addition, digital-optical joystick technology is more reliable than the electromechanical components found in standard analog joysticks and delivers the rapid response that gamers crave.

“SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh offers Macintosh users the same precision, performance and ergonomic design as its PC counterpart, which is currently the top-selling joystick,”
said Richard Brudvik-Lindner, product marketing manager for Microsoft gaming devices.

Digital-Optical Technology Delivers Optimal Precision, Responsiveness and Reliability

Digital-optical technology gives SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh a sensitivity and precise, proportional control that distinguishes it from other joysticks on the Macintosh platform. An optical camera tracks the joystick’s slightest movements, so each motion is rendered immediately and accurately on-screen. Macintosh gamers no longer must settle for the unresponsiveness and drift inherent to joysticks built around older, potentiometer-based designs.

Other features of SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh include the following:

  • 3-D handle rotation. Players gain precise rudder control, more degrees of freedom, strafing ability, instant point-of-view changes and more controls – all on the joystick handle. 3-D handle rotation lets users turn easily and transparently in gaming environments. Rotation and rudder features are built into the joystick, making gaming more absorbing and powerful and eliminating the need for users to buy special rudder pedals.

  • Throttle control. A base-mounted slide throttle lets users accelerate or decelerate easily.

  • Eight-way hat switch. An eight-way hat switch gives gamers more options for action, depending on each game’s features. In some games, players can change point of view, cycle through a weapons cache, or move up, down, right and left.

  • Eight buttons. SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh includes four conventional buttons on the joystick handle to fire, select weapons, load weapons, assign targets or take advantage of other game features, and four additional buttons on the unit’s base.

  • SideWinder Game Device Editor. Special software installed on the owner’s computer allows every button and position of the joystick to be assigned to single or multiple keystrokes. The buttons and joystick movements of SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh can be customized for multiple games, and the stick includes sample configurations for the most popular Macintosh titles.

  • Joystick or mouse control at the flip of a switch. SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh has a switch on its base that allows it to act as a joystick or a mouse.

  • More precision and reliability. SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh has optical tracking that responds immediately to infinitesimal movements. In addition, gamers need not disrupt game play to recalibrate the joystick.

  • Pass-through ADB interface. The joystick’s ADB interface allows users to conveniently daisy-chain additional ADB devices.

  • More durability. The compact and durable SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh is built to last under intense game play. Fewer moving parts and no mechanical components translate into a longer life, and the joystick is backed by a one-year warranty.

Availability and System Requirements

Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro for the Macintosh is available now from participating retailers. Its estimated retail price is $94.95.

System requirements include a 68030-based or higher Macintosh or Power Macintosh® running System 7.0 or later, an available ADB port and a CD-ROM drive.

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