Microsoft Demonstrates Customer and Partner Momentum Behind Its Zero Administration Initiative for Windows

NEW YORK, June 18, 1997 — At PC Expo, Microsoft Corp. continued to highlight its efforts to reduce the cost of owning PCs while maintaining existing investments in industry-standard hardware and software. Both on the show floor and during the keynote address by Steve Ballmer, executive vice president of sales and support, Microsoft and its industry partners demonstrated a variety of Network PC (Net PC) prototypes from vendors supporting the initiative as well as the upcoming Zero Administration Kit for the Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 4.0. The previously announced Zero Administration initiative for the Windows® operating system provides the framework for these efforts and builds on customers’ existing investments. The initiative is designed to lower the cost of computing through software and hardware innovations, providing a no-compromise solution for customers.

“We’re making progress in developing technologies that benefit customers by making computing simpler and more manageable,” Ballmer said. “For too long, computing has been too complex and the cost too high. Innovations such as the Net PC and other Zero Administration for Windows technologies will provide tools for central administration and desktop system lockdown, giving IT managers more control of the desktop.”

“Net PCs represent what will very quickly become the standard PC in corporations because of the combined effects of increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership,” according to Rob Enderle, area director for Giga Information Group.

OEMs Announce Multiple NetPCs Are Close to Shipping

Ballmer highlighted the significant progress the industry has made with the Net PC, a new member of the PC family, which introduces enhanced manageability features and is compatible with today’s corporate investments in Windows and networking infrastructure. The Net PC is now being demonstrated in the Microsoft partner booth by more than 12 major computer manufacturers, including Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. Ballmer demonstrated onstage a Compaq Network PC running the Zero Administration Kit for Windows NT Workstation 4.0, highlighting a configuration that today can reduce the total cost of ownership of a Windows NT Workstation 4.0 desktop by up to 38 percent.

Zero Administration Kit for Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Slated for Late June Release

During his keynote address, Ballmer also announced that the Zero Administration Kit will be released to manufacturing by the end of the month and would be available free for corporate customers and PC manufacturers soon after. The Zero Administration Kit is designed to reduce the cost of ownership with existing products today, by limiting a key component of hidden PC costs – end-user operations. The Zero Administration Kit is the perfect complement to the Net PC, with more than 30 PC manufacturers committed to shipping their future PC product line with the Zero Administration Kit preconfigured. Key benefits of the Zero Administration Kit include the ability to configure desktops centrally, eliminate end users’ access to desktop resources, and prevent users from installing applications or making configuration changes to their desktop. For more information, or to download a free copy of Zero Administration Kit, visit the Microsoft Web site at (connect-time charges may apply).

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Net PC Quote Sheet

“Compaq has been providing the winning combination of industry-leading management tools and lowest total cost of ownership to our customers for years. Our new Network PC, the Compaq Deskpro 4000N, and Microsoft Zero Administration for Windows are the result of a yearlong collaboration between our two companies. We believe Network PC technologies and Zero Administration for Windows are important elements of our strategy, and we plan to implement them across our Deskpro line.”

– Tim Harris

Vice President and General Manager

Desktop PC Division

Compaq Computer Corp.

“Microsoft, once again, makes computing easier. The Net PC, while continuing to utilize Windows, increases network security and provides new levels of control for IT professionals.”

– Tony Renaldi

Marketing Director

CyberMax Computer Inc.

“The Net PC offers new levels of control and security for IT professionals while taking advantage of existing investments in the Windows operating system environment. Combining our Net PC with the Zero Administration Kit, Dell customers will be able to deploy industry-standard platforms across their enterprises that offer significant capabilities for reducing the total cost of ownership.”

– George Martin

Vice President

Optiplex Corporate PCs

Dell Computer Corp.

“Microsoft’s Zero Administration for Windows solution and the Net PC initiative are entirely complementary to Digital’s focus of delivering ‘well-managed’ PC solutions for the

desktop. Information systems executives are asking vendors to reduce the costs of PC ownership, while end users continue to demand more and more power on their desktop machines. We believe the Net PC and Zero Administration for Windows initiatives address the requirements of both IS and end users.”

– Howard Elias

Vice President, Worldwide Business Segments

PC Business Unit

Digital Equipment Corp.

“Microsoft’s leadership in developing the Net PC initiative will definitely have an impact on reducing costs in networked environments. These new offerings will integrate well with our new E-Series line of managed PCs and enhance the overall value for our customers.”

– Bill Shea

Vice President

Major Accounts

Gateway 2000 Inc.

“IBM’s Net PC offering is a logical extension of our highly managed line of commercial desktop PCs that will help our customers lower their cost of ownership by providing increased manageability across the network. With the Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Zero Administration initiative coupled with IBM’s LANClient Control Manager, our mutual customers will have the most comprehensive hardware and software solutions to manage a broad range of PC installations.”

– Anne Gardner

Vice President and General Manager

Commercial Desktop Systems


“NEC’s Net PC combines a small form factor, high performance and full network manageability with the benefits of a Windows-based distributed computing environment, for a centrally managed computing solution.”

– Jim Schwabe

Senior Vice President

Computer Systems Division

NEC Corp.

“The future belongs to PCs that have the full flexibility of a modern client, but whose installation and expansions need not be performed by individual users. For central administration, Siemens Nixdorf and Microsoft offer integrated management tools for clients and servers that help lower costs.”

– Dr. Franz Pacher-Theinburg

Vice President

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG

“Net PC-class products will be a critical component in our total enterprise solutions strategy. We will continue to work with Microsoft in developing emerging technologies such as the Net PC to deliver compelling computing solutions to our customers.”

– Jeffrey Friederichs

Vice President of Worldwide Marketing

Computer Systems Group

Toshiba Corp.

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