Microsoft Announces Powerful Corporate Migration Tools To Speed Rollout of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 in the Enterprise

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 10, 1997 — Preparing for the Sept. 30 launch of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft Corp. today announced the first of several efforts to assist IT managers with a rapid and smooth rollout of Internet Explorer 4.0. In particular, the following powerful corporate migration tools and resources were announced: the Internet Explorer 4.0 Administration Kit, Internet Explorer Corporate Deployment Guide and Intranet Solutions Center. Together, these tools provide IT managers with comprehensive and powerful cross-platform management resources which enable them to fully customize, deploy and administer every aspect of Internet Explorer 4.0 from a central location. In addition, the Internet Explorer Administration Kit provides the tightest integration with manageability features of the Windows® 95 and Windows NT® operating systems, such as system policies and user profiles, providing a single management solution for users of each platform.

“Corporations have been telling us they are excited about what Internet Explorer 4.0 can do for their businesses, but they need the tools to make their migration smooth and easy,” said Brad Chase, vice president in the application and Internet client group at Microsoft. “With today’s announcement, we have addressed head-on some of the toughest challenges for IT managers looking to move to Internet Explorer 4.0 quickly.”

Easiest Browser to Deploy on Enterprise Desktops

The combination of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit and the Internet Explorer Deployment Guide enables IT managers to deploy Internet Explorer 4.0 easily to a number of desktops in an enterprise.

The Internet Explorer Administration Kit enables administrators to install customized versions of Internet Explorer on thousands of desktops with a few easy steps from a single, central location. With the Internet Explorer Administration Kit Setup Wizard, administrators can customize and lock down all key browser features in advance – such as proxy server information, Security Zones, Active Desktop
items and Active Channel
. Those settings enable the Setup Wizard to create a customized Internet Explorer installation package that can be deployed on their desktops. The Setup Wizard also allows administrators to include other components, such as custom applications, with their custom installation package so they can be deployed concurrently with Internet Explorer 4.0.

To assist in the deployment process, Microsoft developed the Internet Explorer 4.0 Deployment Guide. The Deployment Guide provides administrators with a one-stop source for all enterprise deployment planning, installation and support information. The Deployment Guide features examples of best practices for easily deploying Internet Explorer 4.0 on corporate intranets. These examples were developed from the hundreds of corporate accounts testing and deploying the Internet Explorer 4.0 preview version and include complete, step-by-step documentation of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit, a migration planning checklist that details what IS managers should consider when upgrading to Internet Explorer 4.0, and frequently asked questions and troubleshooting information from Microsoft Technical Support Services to help support Internet Explorer 4.0 in the enterprise.

“The Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit was critical in our successful deployment and ongoing management of Internet Explorer in our organization,” said Ken Mann, architect, Shell Services Co. “As we begin our deployment planning process for Internet Explorer 4.0, we are looking forward to the next version of the Internet Explorer Administration Kit to deliver an even higher level of control and functionality.”

Most Comprehensive Management Solution

In addition to rich deployment capabilities, the Internet Explorer Administration Kit provides the most comprehensive cross-platform solution for ongoing management of enterprise Internet clients. Using the Internet Explorer Administration Kit Profile Manager, administrators can control all browser options centrally, allowing them to manage their custom version of Internet Explorer 4.0 across platforms based on the Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems, Macintosh and UNIX. On the Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms, the Profile Manager also allows administrators to manage Windows desktop settings and system policies. The powerful and highly flexible tool lets administrators immediately change users’ browser and desktop settings on any of these systems from a single, central location.

To ensure that their users’ desktops are always up-to-date with the latest software, administrators can use Internet Explorer 4.0’s Application Channels feature, which allows them to easily and instantly deploy software updates – either for Internet Explorer or for their own internal applications.

Easiest Development of Web-Based Applications

Support for technologies such as Dynamic HTML, channel definition format (CDF) and ActiveX
makes Internet Explorer 4.0 the richest platform to develop Web-based line-of-business applications. To assist corporations in their intranet and extranet solution development,

Microsoft recently launched the Intranet Solutions Center Web site . The Intranet Solutions Center gives IT professionals and Web developers a jump-start on Web application development with sample applications and software templates developed by Microsoft Certified Solution Providers. New templates available through the Intranet Solutions Center will take advantage of features specific to Internet Explorer 4.0, such as Dynamic HTML and Active Channel content.

Pricing and Availability

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit and Deployment Guide will be available for downloading free of charge beginning Sept. 30, 1997, from (connect-time charges may apply). The Intranet Solutions Center is accessible free of charge today at , and Internet Explorer 4.0 templates will be available for download beginning Sept. 30, 1997 (connect-time charges may apply). All products will be available on CD-ROM.

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